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urban75: serving online slappers since 1996 who do you want to punch today?

WankerLord Jeffrey Archer
WankerNot Barney
Fuckwit celebDavid Beckham
WankerTamara Beckwith
WankerOsama Bin Laden!
wankerDavid Blaine
Fuckwit politicianTony Blair
Fuckwit politicianGeorge W. Bush
Fuckwit celebPrince Charles
WankerJeremy Clarkson
Fuckwit politicianBill Clinton
WankerPhil Collins
WankerJim Davidson
Fuckwit celebCeline Dion
Fuckwit politicianIain Duncan Smith
Fuckwit celebEminem
Fuckwit celebFlat Eric
WankerChris Evans
Fuckwit celebBill Gates
WankerJon Gaunt
WankerNick Griffin BNP
Fuckwit politicianRudy Giuliani
Fuckwit politicianWilliam Hague
WankerNeil Hamilton
WankerPauline Hanson
WankerThe Hansons
Fuckwit politicianMichael Heseltine
Fuckwit celebParis Hilton
Fuckwit politicianKate Hoey
Fuckwit politicianMichael Howard
WankerSaddam Hussein

Punch those weasly celebs and useless politicians. Punch 'em. hard!
Steve Jobs! Wanker
Boris Johnson Fuckwit politician
Robert Kilroy Silk Wanker
Richard Littlejohn Wanker
John Major Fuckwit politician
Peter Mandelson Fuckwit politician
Ronald McDonald Wanker
David Mellor Wanker
Moby Wanker
Rupert Murdoch Wanker
Rupert Murdoch (MUFC) Wanker
Oasis Fuckwit celeb
Jamie Oliver Fuckwit celeb
Jean-Marie Le Pen Fuckwit politician
Gail Porter Fuckwit celeb
Michael Portillo Fuckwit politician
John Prescott Fuckwit politician
Puff Daddy/P Diddy! Fuckwit celeb
Richard and Judy Fuckwit celeb
Ann Robinson Fuckwit celeb
Saddam Hussein Fuckwit politician
Frank Skinner Fuckwit celeb
Jerry Springer Fuckwit celeb
Jack Straw Fuckwit politician
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Wanker
Lady Margaret Thatcher Fuckwit politician
Teletubbies Wanker
Johnny Vaughan Fuckwit celeb
Andrew Lloyd Webber Wanker
Ann Widdecombe Fuckwit politician
urban75 editor Wanker


Fuckwit celeb = Fuckwit celeb
Fuckwit politician = Fuckwit politician
Wanker = Total wanker

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