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Meet Senor Mr Useless! He say: 'hey amigo! whaddaya doin' wasting your time here, meester?
urban75: useless games!
Waste away vital hours with urban75's growing collection of useless games, pointless distractions and Flash games!

"...none more useless!"
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Latest games
Optical illusions
    You won't believe your eyes!
Astrology! Your stars!
    Your future revealed!
Bored? Listless?
    Here's a list of things to do!
Mr Insult goes Shakespeare!
    Scrolling Shakespearean insults
Backward Insult Creator!
    Totally pointless, utterly quite
Mr Insult's TV Show
    As rude as you'd expect.
Flight Club
    Baffling, but clever. Apparently.
Downing St fighter
    Politicians punch it out.
    Will you get lucky tonight?.
Mr Insult Maths Test
    Get it right or be abused.
Mystic Mildred
    Mildred can see your future!
    Superb Java, arcade-style.
Mr Insult vs The Arse
    More abuse and botties.
Abusive battleships
    Can you sink his ship?.
Abusive reflex test
    How fast are you?

Useless games - timewasting nonsense galore! Totally useless - exceptionally crap and pointless distractions
Time wasting treats!
World Mouseclicking!
UFO attack!
Pants Racing
Chimp vs President
rave dancers
Glider Sim
drunks memory game!
Mystic Mildred
fortune teller!
Map of Wales
Bloody student!
rave dancers - plus!
How drunk are you?
Intestine creator!
Mr Crap Potato Head
Bored? Here's things to do!
Joy for the easily-pleased
Perpetual bubblewrap!
400 flashing boxes
Build a jumbo HTML table
Loaf Of Bread Cam
Make Morse Code!
Rubbish space invaders
Dancing Dots!
The curious thingy!
The colour blender!
The singing cow!
Human-dog yrs converter
Japanese name converter
Rock, paper, scissors game
rude test
kiss Cardiff City!
Teletubby groove!
slippery Bill Gates!
Useless javascript
Lots of slippery buttons!

Mr Insult - the most obnoxious man on the Internet Right on! Games with a conscience
The web's rudest chap
Mr Insult's TV show!
Mr Insult's Q for you
Abusive Reflex Game
Mr Insult vs The Arse
Fridge Magnet Collection!
Mr Insult Maths Test
Abusive Word Game!
Play Pong on his arse!
Abusive Fruit Machine
Hurl abuse at Mr Insult
typing challenge
guess the insult!
Birthday gizmo
Shakespearean Scroller
Backward Insult Creator!

Click with a conscience!
Downing Street Fighter
Brick a Brand
Eco-connect four
Instant tabloid writer!
Punch a politician
eco checkers/draughts!
Clinton's underpants!
Genetically modified Blair!
Slap evil dictator Jiang
Shut up Blair!
Shut up Hague!
Shut up Widdecombe!

Psychic Ron, The Sheepskin Jacketed Seer The Cossack, mysterious man of the East
The Football Manager!
Ron knows the score
Interactive Pools Calculator

Mystic Mildred
Trago Mills- Astrologist!
Fortune Teller
Our mysterious Soviet chum
Cossack's Dice Poker
Outwit the Cossack
hunt the Cossack!
the Cossack love detector!
cool hand cossack!
Cossack calculator!
ask the Cossack!

Punch a celeb! Warp a Superstar DJ
Prince Charles
Osama Bin Laden
George W. Bush
Puff Daddy
Jamie Oliver

Fatboy Slim
Backstreet Boys
Britney Spears

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