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World Mouseclicking Competition!

Have you got what it takes to be a Big Fast Finger round town?
Or are you a bit of a limp clicker?

Try this throroughly useless game below.
Press 'START' below and then
click like crazy on the - duh! - 'CLICK HERE' button for ten frantic seconds!

  Seconds remaining


how did you do? Scores on the doors:

0 you're supposed to press the 'start' button first, doofus!
0-9 HELLO? are you awake?
10-14 this is feeble stuff
15-24 strictly amateur
25-34 very poor indeed
35-44 getting better
45-49 not great, but not bad at all
50-54 this is more like it - you're looking hot
55-59 that's some hot clicking action there
60-79 wow! you are truly a connoisseur of clickers
80-90 great stuff - you're one of the very best
91-100 you're up there with the elite - way to go!
101-110 wooargh! you're the king of the clickers!
111-120 truly awesome stuff - you're the best
121-130 you're so hot you've got to be atomic
131-140 you rule this game!

Spread your score!

Tell the world how you did!
Post to Facebook Post to Twitter

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