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Having problems with the 'Punch' game?
Worry not, our carefully trained help team are at hand....

Firstly, the game has been tried out extensively on both PC and Mac platforms and most definitely should work (millions have played it so far!), so if you are getting problems, it's probably something to do with the settings on your computer.

Problem: I keep getting a blank screen or just sound, and/or just a crappy grey box:(

Check your browser. It has to have java enabled for the game to work, otherwise the 'punch' applet won't run. The game has been optimised to run on Netscape 2/3/4 or Internet Explorer 3/4/5/6. Those of you on AOL should note that if you're using their Ye Olde Version 3.0 Browser it may not work.

Download a new browser free of charge from netscape or microsoft or grab a copy off a magazine cover disk. Peel it off a mag in your newsagent if you're broke...

Problem: I've got the right browser, but nothing's happening.

Check Your Browser's Settings. Make sure your web browser's preferences comply with the following: Java and JavaScript are enabled. To access your browser's preferences Netscape Navigator users select Preferences from the Edit menu. Microsoft Internet Explorer Users access their preferences by clicking the 'tools' menu and selecting 'Internet Options'.

Problem: The punch runs too slow or is jerky

If the game is running as slow as a drunken snail with lead boots crawling over a sticky bun on a hot day, try closing down any other programs to free up some memory. Also try turning down the colour depth of your monitor (amount of colours) to 256 colours, and reduce your screen resolution to 640 x 480.

Because the site gets very busy at times, download times can slow down considerably and make the images appear very slowly indeed. Have patience!

If you're trying to run it on a ancient steam-powered PC or a Neolithic Mac with half an ounce of RAM, it may well be time you thought about buying a new machine.

Problem: Shit! It still doesn't work!

It might be that your configuration files have gone off for a trip to wibbly wobbly land or that your system's thrown a wobbly. Try completely uninstalling Netscape/IE3/4, rebooting, and reinstalling the whole lot again and that should do it.

Otherwise it's time to give your anoraked, nerdy chum a call...

Good luck!

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