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As you know, we don't take kindly to fuckwits mailing us homophobic, racist or misogynistic abuse, and we've been parading their ignorant comments in the Fuckwit Gallery - along with a live email link.

A few of our loyal readers have been dropping them the odd email or ten and now we've been getting some grovelling letters asking for their dumb comments to be removed. Here's some of the latest:

Graham Norton "'coz he is a dick sucking queer fucking faggot.he should die tommorow, beth cropper'"
this address +++, being one of my e-mail addresses (used only for incoming mail) the putative address (hotmail) is not, but might have been guessed as, the email address of my stepdaughter who has access to my machine. It seems likely that one of the childrens' 'friends' has posted the comment (claiming to be Beth) as a 'joke' not realizing that the mail would be sent from my account. Your site was only drawn to my attention this morning by a colleague at work - but it does explain why I have been the recipient of sporadic hate mail suggesting that I was homophobic. I would appreciate it if you would remove the comment from your Web site
(Ed: Although the phrase, 'she doth protest too much' springs to mind, the detail shave now been removed.

Marilyn Manson "He is a Lesbeain acting like a gay!!!"
I am Sorry. I am sorry for Calling Maralyn Maison a Girl. But Please stop sending racise comments to me ok. If you have a problem send it to

my balls
I would like to request that you take my email address off your web page. I am a librarian and someone else wrote that not me. (They must have used my computer when I was gone from my desk.)I never even knew of your site or the bill gates/ balls comment until one of my hate fans clued me in. I am continueing to receive hate mail and gross comments from people I do not know. I may resort to changing my email address if it does not stop soon. I am innocent and do not appreciate the comments I am getting. Thank you for your time in clearing up this matter.
(Ed:nice grovel, although the excuse was a bit feeble. email address now removed.)

Melanie Brown
I Made A Racist Biggoted Comment about Melanie Brown And It Was Posted In The Fuckwit Gallery I Would Like To Take The Oppertunity To Formally Apologize To any one and every one who was offended by the comment Im truly sorry It wasn't My Uncle Larry Blundell That Made The Comment It Was Me When I Was Using His Computer I was in some chat room while he was gone He Hadn't told Me That His Address Had Been Posted On Here and I Didn't Know that it was on here until the other day or i would Have Apologized sooner I Would Be Very Grateful If You Would Remove His E-mail Address Im Very Sorry For Making That
(Ed: awe-inspiring grovel! Just the right amount of remorse but a little too much Capitalising For My Tastes. email address duly removed.)

I wrote earler asking if you would Please take off a message i recently wrote titled 'FAGGOTS' i AM SO, SO sorry if I offended anyone. And please would you take the message I wrote off of your page. Thanks for reading

Jenny Jones
I couldn't find where you send grovel letter, so I'm writing about the comment to you guys. You are brilliant for thinking up this web site! I'm sorry my friend and I made that comment. I'm sure you would make alot of money if you charged people for this. I would have to admit that I like it myself! Well we put that, because of the things you said about people we like in the punching place. I do agree with you on most of them though. In conclusion, I would like it if you removed the comment off the page. I'm still getting asinine letters from really weird people. They say the strangest things.
(Ed: fantastic grovel! Full of compliments and from the heart. email address duly removed.

Donna Turben "Ellen Lesbian pubic lice infested piece";
I have written once before and politely asked you to remove the nomination of Ellen and my e-mail adress, unto which I didn't write. I'm really tired of receiving e-mails adressed to me about something that I didn't write and don't believe in. Please, I'll ask you once again to remove it!!
(Ed: perhaps you'd better take more care to keep fuckwits from sending homophobic shit from your computer in the future...)

John Doe "British People"
It's me the guy who suggested british people, i am sorry i put that, i didn't realize that people would be offended by that, i am part british, but i didn't realize it at the time, id like to apologize to everyone at urban75 and everyone who is british or is offended by it,i hope that this is over soon,i am sick of getting hate mail.
(Ed: nice grovel, apology accepted and email address taken off)

Mary Jane "EVERYONE that comes to this damn page"
I dont know who the hell sent that lame ass comment with my email but Im tired of havin people bitch and moan about something I knew nothing about til about 5 minutes ago when someone told me to write to you and theres my explanation...kindly remove that comment so I can stop getting emails over something that doesnt concern me. Thanx
(Ed: I think you'd better find out who's using your machine then, because our team of trackers confirmed that the post came from your address. Sort it out.)

Wysong "gays,faggots,niggers,whores and bitches"
To Whom This May Concern, I am very sorry about the comment someone made on your website about,"gays,faggots,niggers,whores,and bitches". One of my sister's damn friends was fuckin' around on the computer and made a very unpleasant comment about,"gays,faggots,niggers,whores,and bitches". I myself have nothing against them.So, would you please take that comment and our e-mail address off of your website. My mother and I would very much appreciate it. Again, I am very sorry about the whole thing. We really don't need anymore of these hate letters from people who have visited your website and saw the comment. Thank you for your time.
(Ed: great grovel! I like the introduction of the 'mother' bit too. Your email is now off the page)

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