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The Corporate State
the ultimate oppressor in America. It's the corporate state that makes work painful, that indoctrinates us in spending money on fancy yachts instead of the poor, that makes us tired, negative, lonely and powerless, that truly takes away any hope of freedom or democracy in America, that binds us in a totalitarian state, that blinds us to the exploitation of our environment, of the poor, etc. Problem is, man doesn't really control the corporate state. As Charles Reich put it, he tends to it. Aside: Check out Charles Reich's 'The Greening of America'for the truth about America.

Apple computers
These complete sods have, with their new advertising campaign, contracted just about anyone who ever did anything noteworthy in their lives to advertise their computers. I cannot believe that Amelia Earhart could possibly have wanted to encourage sales of a lump of plastic and metal.


Gary Bushell
I wish someone would take that fucking tv programme 'Bushell on the box' and ram the fucking cassette up his bigotted arse. I would love to slap him with a demolition ball or a sledge hammer. Twat the bastard hahahahahaha.

Michael Portillo
He's an oily, slippery customer who could do with a poke in the eye.

Lord Irvine
Typical abuse of power- hypocritical, egotistical, aloof bastard. Go buy your wallpaper at B&Q like the rest of us.

Irving Gould
This selfish greedhead, along with Meadi Ali, raped and pillaged Commodore Computers into backruptcy, almost killing the C= Amiga computer along with it. By hamstringing the technicians, he took a machine that had an enormous technical lead and then, like the rotting undead parasite of a vampie he is, sucked every last drop from them before dumping C= and leaving the corpse at the curbside.
(editor's note: wise words Lawrence. We used to have some Amiga machines and it was sad to see the company get screwed up)


Jeremy Beadle
I was tempted to nominate Lloyd Grossman, but if there's one smug git overdue for a dusting of the chops, it has to be Beadle. Thank you soooooo very much for his inane brand of "humour", to whit: basking in the glory derived from other people's misfortunes. Anyway, he should be soundly twatted for "Game for a Laugh", alone. Miserable, pathetic, shrunken-handed, cheesy-bearded tosser.

Ken Starr
He has suceeded in spending 60 million dollars to harrass someone and accomplished nothing....

Michael Schumacher
He is Formula 1 pilot that to win World titles crashes into the others, so he must be slapped, kicked and beaten.

stephen hendry
another wanker who said he would leave Britain if Labour were elected and guess what? The spotty little bastard is still here....hasn't got the snooker BALLS to carry out his threat....piss off you boring twat and never come back......thank you for letting me get it off my chest.


Naked People Ads
What the hell are they selling? There's a f*cking naked person, and underneath it says,"Such-and-such brand watch", or"Such-and-such brand Jeans". Where the hell is the product? Is it shoved so far up the crack of their ass that you have to put your face two inches from the ad to see it?

Peter Andre
He's a blow up doll, blow's him self up to be 6ft when he is a 5ft nipper full of silicon. If he was in the sun long enough he would bloody melt.

When ever I or the other 3 million customers that pay $21.95 bucks a month has a problem with AOL we Seek help from the AOL Techs & 99.99% of the time they Say RE-Install AOL, I Believe that should be There Motto, Reinstalling don't always solve the problem I know that for a fact, I am close to holding the reinstall AOL record,With all The money aol makes, you think they could Hire some Techs That know What The Heck they are doing, But I think they Enjoy saying hold & I will check that for you so you hold for a long time just to hear them say let me connect you to another dept,Then another tech says how may I help you By the time you find that one person that knows what they are talking about it's time for them to switch shifts, so they put you on hold & then you have to start over with the next shift....


the Fuckwits Gallery
Actually, I think that a "Sterilize the Fuckwits" game would be immensely popular. C'mon -- don't you find the thought that some of these chumps *might possibly breed* absolutely terrifying? It'd be an evolutionary step backwards. Sterilize the Fuckwits before they drag the planet kicking and screaming back into the Dark Ages!
Mary Epson

The President of Nike Shoes
God damit! Just do what? Nike is a crappy shoe copany that sets up base in third world countries so it can pay the little workers three cents an hour. That is just plain WRONG. The bigshots at Nike deserve a huge kick in the ASS!!

President Soharto
Look at the news...Look at his human rights abuses. this kleptocrat holds the reins to power on the back of a genocide he created three decades ago...What more can I say? Look at the students who were gunned down in cold blood, Does anyone remember our own Kent State?


Peter Mandelson
blatently obvious! Why the hell ISN'T the prince of darkness on the list, after all, you can't have the puppet (Blair) without the puppeteer! Why not have Mandy's hand up Blair's bottom for that matter?

The Ministry of Sound
The biggest pile of crap in South London and the worlds finest example of how having load$a money can turn your club into a cheese ridden, touristy, politician-arse-licking, commercial dustbin. Stringfellow move over, you 'aint got nothing on this lot.
Jamie Longstaff

All Politicians
I'm a single mum, who has never been given a council house, has less than no money, student loans and overdrafts up to my eye balls, paying too much for my house (rented), of which the government pays less than half, trying to get a job that pays more than peanuts, but worse off if I do, lost a job because the boss was using me, but have absolutely no rights whatsoever. I'm bitter, what can I say? They should try living like I do! Punch their bloody teeth out!!!

The golf channel producers
The most idiotic channel ever made. 24 hours a day, it's just golf golf golf. WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT OLD FARTS PLAYING THE MOST BORING SPORT KNOWN TO CIVILIZATION???? I also want to smack rogers cable company for actually permitting a channel like that.

Patrick Buchannan
I'm not sure if you guys in the UK hear much about him, but here in the US he tops my stupid bastard list. For one he states the US should stop immigration and save America for the natives. Yeah Pat, and Buchannan is a good Cherokee name, bloody hypocrite. He's all law and order, and he's got multiple DUI's. To top it all off he takes support from southern political figures who worked for segegragation. Not to metion the fact he wants to stuff his religious right bull shit down every one's throats, and get the US out of the UN. Screw the bastard and let me bash the SOB's face in.
Jeremiah Thompson


all ex-boyfriends
Ex-boyfriends are litterrally fucking useless, all they do is sit around YOUR house and complain, they try too hard to get you back, when they can plain as fucking shit see that your already involved with another guy, they try to show off and impress you, but instead you feel totaly turned down inside, They're just palin not worth it!!!

Ally McBeal
Stop the whining! Just what we need -- a tv character suggesting that the modern American woman in an ineffectual loser who wanders through life complaining, "I don't have a boyfriend! Life is hard! It's not easy being a lawyer! Waaaah!" John Whiteside

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