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punch'em! Here's another punch bag full of the your face smacking candidates below...

Power Rangers
Those goddamn flying tight creatures saving the planet should have better things to do than warp little kids' minds and force their parents to buy them crappy plastic things that fall apart soon as the kid touches it. The "bad guys" have an intellect of a four year old who had too many intermarriages in their family. THEY SHOULD TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!
Bronwyn and

William Hague
Because he is such a smug, self satisfied, completely ugly little cretin who is so devoid of any personality or originality and who sunk so low as to appeal to Thatcher to get control of the Tories. He is a pathetic little creep who should crawl back under the stone from whence he came.

Mike Harris, Premier of Ontario
He is a complete twit and his government is totally out of touch with reality. After he took away an allowance for pregnant, single women because he didn't want that money "going to beer," he deregulated tuition for all professional and graduate university programs -- and Ontario schools are the most expensive in Canada to begin with! *Wake up you silly fool!* You're shooting yourself in the foot. Not many people can afford a 50% tuition increase. You are a mean-spirited, stupid man and in dire need of a big whack on the cheek to knock some sense into you.


micheal bolton
he ruins classic songs and has a voice that could upset a stomach.

Drunk Drivers
reason=I lost a friend because a drunk driver thought he could get behind the wheel and drive. Now the fucker might be gettin off. I wanna give him a good swift kick in the ass for being so selfish and thinking that he could drive.(he blew 2.0) R.I.P. Jeff

Pauline Hanson
Anyone whose only response to any comment or question is "Please Explain" has got to be off her rocker. And to think, she represents the "best and the brightest" of Australia's politicians. Well, if she is the best and the brightest, then I am Steven Fucking Hawking.

all members of the 'Fuckwit Gallery'
All members of the said gallery are a disgrace to the human race. They are insecure, biggotted, racist, homophobic and should be eliminated. A flea has a higher intelligence. These are the kind of people who should be in prison. They are not safe to be let out alone.

Alex Ferguson
For the obvious reason that he is the worst person in the world. Yes. Let him spend as many millions of quid as he wants on anonymous defenders from wherever, but even they won't save this whingeing, ungentlemanly fool from a good belt in the gob. Or four.


Zoe Ball
reason=How can a fully (over) grown woman get away with wearing clothes like that??? Even Jamie Theakston looks embarassed to be seen with her! And what is that wiggly parting about??? New fashion craze? I think not...

Anyone French
My Grandfathers fought to liberate these wine-swilling Cheeseheaded bastards from the Germans not once, but twice! The French should make a point of kissing American and British ass, but no, the French insist upon not letting our Armed Forces use their airspace, and denounce anything American, including tourists that are spending cash in that sorry excuse for a nation, that touches French soil. Hey Frenchies, have you built speed-bumps to slow down the Panzer divisions the next time the Huns feel like rolling over your pathetic soveriegnty? How about printing up t-shirts that say "Don't shoot! I'm a collaborator!" A 36 hour work week? Militarily impotent, and communist infiltrated from top to bottom; what it means to be a Frenchman.
King of All Weathermen

Marc Blondel
I know that you Anglo-Saxons probably don't know him, but he's a powerful trade-unionist in France, and he provokes huge strikes just to feel how powerful he is. Thanks to him,we had a one-month transport strike 2 years ago. I think he would be a major candidate for your wonderful site!!!

Jacques Chirac
Fucking bulldozer, kills Europe, nuclear lobbyist

Lord Irvine
He is a money grabbing bastard!, and deserves to live in a cardboard box.


Lloyd Grossman
Gross by name, Gross by nature. Never has a more smug, self satisfied git adorned the TV screens. Where did he come from and wheres he going. Lets punch his gob as it might shut that awful accent up.

Maggie Thatcher
What's happened to the old girl?? Drag her out of retirement so we can give her a good fuckin' hiding!

Newt Gingrich
Where should I start? Well he is so uptight and ultra conservative that it is questionable if he is even a feeling member of the the human race. Plus I would just love to see his fat tummy fly when I socked him a good one in the stomach!
sarah knoff,

Calvin Klein
I'd like to smack the crap out of Calvin Klein and all those other assholes that make women's clothing that I could have worn at age 6! I am so sick of hearing my beautiful, healthy girlfriend bitching on how ugly and fat she is and starving herself cuz she cannot fit into those tiny little clothes! I am tired of my friends only looking at anorexic-looking wenches and making fun of normal-size girls like my sweetheart. They are so bony and disgusting - not womanly and feminine! I want a girl I can hold without fearing she will break in half! Stop the madness! I want to be able to take my woman out to dinner without her eating only salad! Enough already!


Mr. Blobby
Pinko psycho Mr.Blobby. With an IQ inversely proportional to his size this large mottled lump of strep throated childish indulgence needs a pasting that would rid him of his leering obnoxiousness and perhaps make him ponder just for one moment as to why he is named after a prophylactic.

President Suharto
Why? Where do I start? Corruption, nepotism, clamping down on human rights activists (and the East Timor population). Came to power with a death toll of 500,000 (which makes him proportionally worse than Pinochet). Guilty of criminal negligence with regards to inflation of Indonesian rupiah (and inpoverishing many of the other 190 million inhabitants - family members and cronies not withstanding). Now been elected to a seventh term of office by a stacked parliament.

These dingbats would like to bring to a standstill all human innovation and progress. If these boofheads had their way we'd be back in the dark ages with 70% infant mortality below 5yrs and maximum 24 year life expactancy. I don't want these low-lifes meddling in my life, and convincing governments to force me to live the way they would like me to. Roll on liberty. By the way, McDonalds won their court case against those two green socialist arseholes, you pea-brains. But you still want to keep going on about it as if it was some big victory for green wanking. Wake up and smell the roses. YOU LOST!!! Greg Begaud / (email removed after a grovel)
Editor's note: Interesting viewpoint there Greg. I suppose you'd like it if the nuclear testing had continued in your country too, eh?

Greg Begaud
Why WOULDN'T anyone want to whack him?! He insults Greenpeace, which, in my and many other people's opinions, is a very important group, for the whales and others. But to top it off, he insults Urban75?! Urban75 RULES! And if U75 is all that BAD, why the hell is he using it?! Get a life, Greg! Or better yet, get a clue!
Editor says: Good work fella!

the Disney Company
they butcher classic novels and mass produce peices of crap to sell in Mcdonalds happy meals. they deserve a swift kick up the ass, but a slap will work.

Coal Chamber & Marilyn Manson
"Serious" music with a 'Serious' message to be independant and stand up for what you believe in? Three words. BOLLOCKS, BOLLOCKS, BOLLOCKS. Your music's shite, you've no reason to exist - the only people who buy your brand of goth/metal packaged crap are those who exercise their wrists regularly and actually believe the "Satan is cool" image. Get a life you sad, gullible twats. You're all being manipulated

Celine Dion
Celine Dion does my fucking head in.She screams higher than Mariah fucking Carey, and now she's wailing about the Titanic, a fucking ship that sunk 80-something years ago.It's now swimming with the sharks, where she should be so that they bite her motherfuckingly huge oversized head off.


Bruce Forsyth
Coz he's a big chinned wanker who needs a slap and the sound he should make is "nice to see ya" And what about when he says "Good game, Good game" Its not a good game. Guess if the cards higher or lower. Big fucking deal. Hardly a revelution in the games show genre. And to remake it? I don't think so! Plus he's a chinny twat face.

You guys are pretty stupid, you know. How can you support slapping Bill Gates, while at the same time getting your jollies using this technology which he has played such a huge part in creating. Without BG do you think you would have all this technology with which to play? (You'd probably answer, yes, but that just brings us back to my first sentence. Have you noticed how much all the people that support your page swear? Does this say something about their general demeanours and intellegences? I think so. Greg Begaud /
Editor's note: strange that Greg couldn't help himself swearing in another post to us - fucking hypocrite!

Mariah Carey
She's a talentless, screeching, pathetic whiner who has no way of selling records anymore except by wearing pieces of shrunken cloth she calls "clothes" over her crotch and chest. She's a total disgrace to women, even more than the Spice Girls, dare I say it.

Christopher Columbus
How can you discover a continent with people already on it?

Mark Morrison
Now that's smart!!! An internationally recognised musician/WANKER sends an imposter to do his community service while HE GOES ON TOUR!!! Bet he didn't think anyone'd spot that one!!! HAhaahahhaahahahahahah dumb fucker!!!! Slap the tosser good and proper.

Vivienne Westwood
She is an ugly, talentless, undead, pasty fish wife who isn't even worthy of being pissed on in public and should be tormented in hell for eternity if she thinks that anyone in their right mind would ever wear what can only be described as "freaks of nature". Give her a punch in her fucking ugly face for me right now.


Steve Jobs
for killing Mac clones, killing CHRP boxes, for pushing Next instead of BE , for killing off Claris INC by restructuring it out of existance, for hoping in bed with Gates for a paultry few mill

Pauline Hanson
Because even though I live a world away in Montreal, Canada I am still subjected to her disgusting racial, homophobic slurs. SMACK!
I can't get enough! show me even more slap nominees!
lemme nominate a slapee!

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