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Here's some more of the comments we've received - feel free to add your own words here.

Even though I'm from Vancouver, Canada, as I read about all the $$$ hungry big name promoters you have in the UK I feel like you're talking about the bastards we have over here (Sweet, Tribal Matrix, Delicious, etc). Their massive parties are full of twinked out candy kids and rip-off stalls trying to flog off crap I could make myself for 2 bucks. Also, I'm getting pissed off at the number of free/underground parties that are getting busted. Last night even we had to commando-styles it along a f*ckin beach for an hour because the police were patrolling the road and escorting people out of the area. F*ck that sh*t -we shouldn't have to go through all that just for a party! Galaxy

I'm from Texas and it's different all around. One this is for sure, its not what it used to be. I live in Dallas/Ft worth and the scene here was dead, but once summer came around things started picking up again. I still find myself suprised when im dancing in the sunlight at underground after-parties that DONT get busted. Underground free raves always seem to have a better scene, and a more free-thinking environment. When compared to the big money-makin parties with big DJs. But its like a "blessed" thing to have a good time at a free party.

Here we have a lot of space to throw something that nobody will find, or hear. Or I just need to go to more raves in some small town south of Dallas, where the guy that owns the ranch, owns the town. And he's the chief of police and the mayor. You feel more protected in locations like that.

But when we can, we'll throw a festival and bring our tents, our sound systems, our records and live pa and have a good time for a few days all for ONE reason....the music. Josh

Essential wankers! Does anyone else have a problem with the events that Essential organise or is it just me? Perhaps I'm just a sucker, but amongst many events over the last few years I've ended up at Essential-run things eg Essential Festival (dance day), the Essential Allnighta (last month in Brighton). You'd think I'd learn, but each time all those listed artists and djs that are the tantalising reason for going all play at the same time or you can't get in to see them due to there usually being one big arena(standardly techno) and lots of little ones(eg drum and bass, Big Beat) which require queing for an hour or so or the standard one-in one-out policy. Not too hot for moving around and checking out new things. The disorganisation always amounts to queues of the famous Mount Universe standard, too...all this for a minimum of £20 per time. Perhaps they should take some advice from clubs like the Atomic Jam @ the Que in Birmingham and the Megadog @ The Rocket (though last time I was there none of the toilets had looroll in from the time the venue opened!!! Poor show, or what?) Ruthie B


FREE PARTIES - Anyone in the east anglia region of the UK who is looking for a party, then please feel free to join the GD crew, we play Deep House, Trance, Acid Tekno, D&B, and Future Jazz. Visit our web site thenuthouse for updates. Also at the nuthouse we have a notice board advertising free/cheap parties world wide... Keep on Dancin'.. PLUR... matt

I would like to take the chance to say that I am very pissed off that the free parties in North Wales keep getting busted. Even though I now live in London I spent every weekend of last year meeting new people and enjoying the buzz of traveling mile after mile in search of a free party somwhere in the Welsh mountains. People came from Liverpool,Manchester and even the south of England because they knew that the Welsh had some mean parties that would carry on well into the week. Now it looks like everything has come to a massive stop which is very sad because it feels like a legend has vanished! I urge you welsh ravers to keep the faith with the message that things can only get better and bigger!!!!

All the raves here in Texas are now is a bunch of bullshitters trying to make a fast buck by telling us kids that there's gonna be a bad ass rave at wherever, and then they try and pass off their crappy shit as something that we want to do. I really don't see why I even go to the damn things anymore, they suck. I mean, the only ones that actully like them are the posers. I just want them to let us do our own thing, not try to rip us off before we even get in the door. You guys need to get in touch with these assholes in Texas and tell them to let us buy drinks at the rave for less than $12.00. That's a lot for one little ass drink, not counting the door charge, which is a helluva lot more than I'm willing to pay. I've tried many a time to get them to change their ways but they won't listen to us. They can kiss my ass.
Rachel Hamilton


The problem I have with 'raves', regardless of whether they are held on a beach in Goa, a wharehouse in Shoreditch, a bus shelter in Bangor or the Ministry of $ound, is the fact that people don't communicate with one another when they're off their faces on 3 tabs of E. That is presuming you can make yourself heard above the kick of the bassdrum and the crash of the hi-hat. But then I'm 27, a so-called 'young professional' working in 'the City', so perhaps I'm too old and too cynical. But being single, and having few London-based friends has meant I've had to go out alone on more than a few occasions. And when I've ended up in a club I've generally found people hostile or unresponsive to being approached, regardless of their gender. Which makes me wonder, where can I make friends in this alienated sprawl of anonymity people take pride in calling London? And makes me laugh when I read clubs being described as 'friendly' in listings magazines.
Murray Furtado

I've been in the Tucson Rave scene since early '95, and from what I've seen we have a VERY lucky scene here. the closest thing we have to the dreaded Evil Piper, or Universe, is SwellBasshead, a bunch of money-grubbers that like to over charge for parties that boast quality sound-systems, and great lighing, and give you the shittiest party you ever payed 30$ for. It's like putting a picture of a mansion in a for-sale ad, and arriving only to find a studio apartment with no running water. But other than that, our scene kicks ass. The average vibe will find you hugging people you've never met, and dancing with toatal strangers. For the 10-25$ you pay to get into one of these raves, thrown at your every-day abandoned warehous/greyhound racepark/abandoned drug rehab, you almost always get your money's worth. Although the cops like to bust these happy little(?) parties for no reason, it's not so often as to ruin the kick-assness of the scene. If any of you people from wherever are swinging by the Tucson area any time in the near future, Email me, and I'll get you the low down on some upcoming events. Hope to see any of you cyber-junkie-ravers soon!!!
Dustin Carroll

I have been in the rave scene in New Orleans for about a year now. What the Parties have become has made me want to cry. It is no longer about the music, the love and the friends. It has become a vehicle for money. People sell drugs that they know are bunk or harmful. It seems that a lot of people do not care anymore. At the last couple of parties I have noticed that there is a lack of caring and concern for people whom are not your personal friends. For me the experience of a rave is about the mind as well as the body. Drugs are simply to be used to get fucked up to the point where you drool. They help you to enlighten yourself and open new horizons. The experience of a rave should leave a person feeling good about herself and the people around her. It should not be about getting stupid. I still love the rave scene but am not as active participant as I used to be.

This is one of the better ravie web sites i've seen for a very long time.I live in Australia and must admit the rave scene around here isn't too bad particularly in Adelaide, after all we produced HMC, but I must admit that our shit doesn't even come close to the quality of your stuff.By that I mean raves, drugs, DJ's. Spazz


  Up here in Canada, (south west BC) the rave scene is totally exploited, anywhere from $25-$40cdn and they try to pack as much people as they can in to these little warehouses, and then mid-party the cops conviently show up to ruin the fun. Its not hard to find a party (one every month), just hard to find a good one. Generally the people that are there have no respect for others or the music, it is just the cool place to be. But every once in a while you run into a good party with lots a soul and wonderful people. With all the commercialism nowadays its good to know the sprit is still out there and kickin.

GREAT SITE to start off with it is one of the best rave/interesting sites I have seen in a long time heh with all the trouble u been having in the UK u should really come one over to the good ole USA hell throw a huge rave party here god knows we need it (u need to spend months looking for clubs who will play anything rave related) also if u are interested i could set up an IRC server for u guys so all ur fans can join and talk to you in real time (oh scary ain't it (= ) hehe.......


Holy shit! I saw something here! I'm Diogo, but everybody call's me Sabao - which means Soap - and I stood completly mad about this page! In Portugal, where I live the underground, subcultural movements are in their begining, but, are allready gaining some stupid day-light appearances because of the market, and all the money business involved! I loved the article about the Underground Rip-off, because in Portugal, by now, everybody wants to take profits from the Rave-scene and the big companies (or one of them) are trying to get rich too soon with no quality on their events. But, that doesn't matter! All that matters now is that this is the Best Page I've ever seen! Got to go, folks!!! See U soon! I'll go to England soon... Adeus! Diogo Pereira

Yet again i have to add that this page really does kich ass... I'm also glad to hear that im not the only person pissed off with the commercialisation of good music

I belong to the rave scene in Calgary Alberta and i believe the scene is going to hell. I truly love the music but am very disappointed at people's attitudes. I hear that other scenes are very large and commercial and i disaprove of this because raves are more than just a scene. They are an intimite gathering of people who are supposed to show that they care. If they care, then why can't you people protect what they care about? Just a thought. PLUR Evol


I'm sorry, but you guys over there in the UK really dont know how good you have it... I know that there have been some riduculous stunts that promoters have pulled in the past, but at least, you have the quality of the best music in the world... and the best djz in the world... we here in the US get the same drama... the same tricks... but hardly any of the brilliance that the artists from your side are producing... and the parties arent ev en a fraction of the size... face it... its expensive to party, but at least you get good ones... be thankful Jason Dunne

Free Parties I used to live in London in 96 and regularly lost my weekend at free parties all over the city. Now I'm back in Zurich/Switzerland and the contact-numbers I have are not in use anymore. I don't want to spend my nights in rip-off-clubs the next time I'm back. Therefore, it would be nice if someone could give me some infos about what's going on and where to go. Cheers!


I love the layout of your site, as a jungle/progressive house dj in Toronto, Canada i love to see the scene develop overseas as well as here. The amounts of useful information to extatic ravers available on your site is tremendous and I will recommend it to anyone inquiring about the scene and what it's all about.

I loved the spice slap. I am a firm believer that pop music has one use -to keep all the airheaded teeney-boppers aout of the underground scene.

On a different note, i was wondering if rave dj's utilize mpeg technology for spinning. I have brought my computer to a gig and have used my database of underground MP3 tracks at CD quality along with a pitch control software to spin from. I have found this dj medium unique to myself and was wondering if anone else has done the same or if it is common practice. I have found it useful to get brand new tracks to spin since MP3's are readily available on the internet. -DJ OTIS Toronto, Canada

This is the first time I have visited your page, and I would like to say I could not agree with you more about how the industries are making fat cash off the rave culture. I have been raving for about eight years now, and in the last two years I have found myself going less and less. Not because I have lost my love for raves, but becauase they have become so poppy, marketed, sold out! My love for the scene will always be there, but I sometimes wounder if it will have to crash before it goes back to what it was all for. The music!!! I just hope that it happens before I'm done. This is a great page I will visit again soon. Keep on believing.

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