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Here's some more of the comments we've received - feel free to add your own words here.

trashing goa Yeah I'm glad someone else is speaking up....These "goa" fuckers are so enlightened with their slave labor fractal t-shirts... anyway living in s.f. the winter playground for these fuckers, I keep hearing from this lot that the "new" place is south america...and they have even started to stop wearing shiva and all it's the mayan calender...and that whole thing.....We just wrote a song with a sample in it ranting about these people..."GOAWAY" Maybe you can help us me come up with a new one for south america rant... This is a bastardization of what it means to be underground - a big fuck you to them from us all... Free Parties for a Free People peace, Pirate Audio Sound System S.P.A.Z.

This is my first time on your page and i think it kicks ass. i am happy to know that their are people out there who care about the club scene, follows what is going on and is all about the hippest shit out there. just a concern i have about the music in the uk. is the music getting better now that the whole world likes the rave scene? are there any new bands or groups that have come out that have not put out their labels in the US? thanks in advance, Jersey Jake

I'm from Canada and let me tell you if you think it's hard to find raves in the States and the prices are high in the UK well you haven't been to one up here...It's complete bullshit to have to pay 30$ and to have it busted by the cops 3 hours into the rave. Fuckin piss me off the cops just won't leave us alone! If you have any tips on how to keep raves more of a secret from the cops please MAIL ME!!! I fuckin hate 'em.

in the US clubbing is the most important thing to us kids. the underground club scene is making it's way over. It is building in popularity....although they are nothing compared to the ones commonly found in the uk...all anyone does is rave...savannah's club kids have grown a love for jungle,trip hop,acid house all types of music that were not common in american clubs...we as urban readers would like to express our graditude to the ravers of the uk for what we have learned and tthe music that has been brought over....keep on ravin' rissa

"RAVE IS DEAD". That's what a sceptic friend told me in 1992. Of course he was talking complete cobblers, but how things have changed. Now, I wouldn't dream of saying "I remember ...", but the main difference (it seems to me) was that nobody cared that (maybe) the music wasn't all that, or that the price of ticket was the same (!) as the local disco. I believe the discontentment that is so prevalent in todays dance scene is due to three things. viz.
  • 1.Crappy drugs.
  • 2.Twats like me going on about the past.
  • 3.People always want more and better for cheaper.
But things are not too shabby, look (as I always do) on the bright side. The UK dance scene is the best in the world. If you think a club charges too much or the bouncers have too big muscles (or are present full stop) DON'T FUCKING GO.

I have been working in Hamburg for the last year and the 'place to go' is the Tunnel Club. After at least 5 attempts I was finally let in. The other times the big bouncer though I was too fucked (what sort of attitude is that on a friday night?). I had a really good time with all the pretty young things....The point is variety is the spice of life. If you don't like a club, again DONT GO. If I feel in the mood and I want to go to, say, the Ministry of $ound then I will...and expect to pay shit loads of money for fuck all. It's my choice

All that said, I've got to say a big hello to all the Liverpool underground who work sooooo hard to put on the best parties in Mersyside. So hello No Frills Sound system, + Unit Crew, Watch out for the D+B nights starting soon at the 051......
Mike Mcandrew


Does anyone know of any kicking dark and dangerous drum 'n' bass parties in South London? Demelza

Why can't others see the truth? I have been reading your comments on the Rave scene and the involvement of Mean Fiddler/Universe, to which I couldn't agree more. You see it's my experience that there is a vast majority of people out there who are disgruntled with both the music/club/rave scene but feel inadequate to comment with authority against the commercial might of Universe etc.

I regularly participate in the discussions at Universe's Com ms-link chat pages and have tried to tactfully approach the subject of "too much commercialism & not enough grass roots" - but this has been met with the usual pretentious bullshit that is more akin to listening to a fucking politician deliberately evading a question.

Recently I asked the question on how people voted in the national debate on "legalise drugs" - to which I of course voted Yes and declared that to my fellow club/rave brethren. The response I got was quite typical - A large amount of people said yes without clearly explaining why. Another percentage said NO because of bad experiences whilst "on an E" and there was a minority who believed that people who used drugs should be penalised to the maximum. All of this just makes me think about how uneducated the vast majority of people are about the rave and drug culture that exists today.

It is my belief that people like Universe are attempting to distance themselves from the drug using ravers that have followed them for years - they were sold a story of a "Tribal message" "One World" a united front against the incorrigible uneducated government machine - COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCKING BULLSHIT.

I applaud you for being there and representing the real rave culture and for underlining values that have been trampled on by those Universe wankers. And now if you'll excuse me, it's time for a bifta. Take care you lot.............Leo


I've noticed some real inverse snobbery on the club scene recently, as typified by Clare Bowskill's narrowminded diatribe. I like house (as well as techno, and drum and bass) and love dressing up. I find it really ironic that people who often proclaim to be so different and open are sometimes the most hypocritical when it comes to judging people by their dress. As someone who loves their lycra and their Samsaras/sexy festies I speak from experience. I wear what i like because I like the way i look - this doesn't make me shallow, or a "slapper" or devoid of intelligent/ political/ spiritual thought. The best thing about clubbing is meeting other people you wouldn't normally meet - even the ones you "wouldn't have spoken to at school". There are some really good nights going on and some lovely people about, you just have to make the effort to try something different and get rid of that dodgy attitude. Sarah

Kids in there in the UK and ireland are lucky, you see. Here in the states, raves are so small that you cannot even find one. Another thing, I was wondering if I could please get some tips on how to organize a rave over here. I am young, so I can't really go to any, because of the rubbish my parents dish out. We may be moving to Ireland, so I want to have friends over there. Email me, if you want. I'm going to Dunstable around the month of October. Rave on, you people. All the punks can email me. I'm into tattoos, piercing, punk, graffiti, and I have a kickin' club called the Underground Upholstery for folks interested in things like Piccadilly Circus, undergroung, tattoos, the book of Kells, piercing, graffiti, bands, etc. Email if interested in that or my newsletter, "What's Up, Punks?". Peace to all the punk people. (i am female, BTW) Ryan, a.k.a Daisy

The main trouble that parliamentary objectors seem to have with "the Bill" is that it might unfairly prevent the organisers from making a big profit (what a loss to our burgeoning economy!) which makes their professed concern with saving &the youth& from the evils of drugs ring a bit hollow. The argument goes something along the lines of: The Bill is bad because it infringes the democratic rights of party organisers to freely make money...of course otherwise we want to stop young people from being exploited by ruthless drug dealers. What about the democratic rights of people 1. not to be exploited by capitalists out to make money; 2. to make their own choices as to what they do with their time and bodies? Giselle


I regularly attend the Art College in Belfast on a saturday night. Local Hero David Holmes, the good mixture of clubbers and the venue keep me going back, but last saturday was 13quid to see Dave Clarke. I love me techno but only the week before I saw Mr Clarke and Dreadzone in a smaller capacity club in london and it was only 15pounds (it WAS on radio 1 I suppose). Anyway Homer's club is getting more crowded than ever but the music is still fresh. In the end you seem to get what you pay for, I heard the Orbital set recently - 30 quid for THAT on new years is fuck all. You could quit the E's (will anything ever satisfy you like the first one did? I'm not talking out me arse either - I have'nt had a drink in a year ) Next time buy yerselves a cheap coat and throw it in the corner! Good luck Flyin Brian

Don't go to Goa!? Well, once more it looks culture's in for yet another kicking at the hands of the two partners in crime, Progress and Money. Shame.

Your article said things that sorely needed saying about the sad effect tourism has on the worlds dwindling areas of unspoilt beauty. Visit India and go to a rave?? Christ, all the way round the world for something that can be had ANYWHERE in Britain? Wake up.

Spiritualism, cutures, beliefs, all get shat on good style when the tourism train comes to town. Great, let's open a MacDonalds. Enjoy... while you can.

I personally think it's a shame that rave has yet to really achieve a true foothold in the U.S. I have enjoyed the rave scene immensely since i was first introduced to it a few years back. It is difficult to find music or any fresh input on the scene due to lack of exposure. I just hope it imppoves soon.

Woe and more Woe, every Friday night at the Fridge is way too pricey. I gave up going there ages ago, partly, though due to a change in music taste i.e. bored of trance for 8 hrs at a time (I remember the days when we all danced in cow sheds to all styles of dance..blah,rant,moan ;) and partly having a kid to support as well. Is there anywhere south of the river which is cheap and has a varied music policy and I can unashamedly loose my marble ??? Or am I too old and past it :) from: Mark


Avoid Casa Loco in Leeds, unless you enjoy shambling around with a load of greased up bodybuilders, brainfree staring meatheads, and semi naked slappers, all of whom are self-obsessed to the point of being incapable of enjoying themselves. (rant!!!!) Bollocks atmosphere, hot water only in the bogs, cheap tasteless decoration, and a tiny cramped chill-out area. No imagination in the music selection either. You're better off going home instead.

Escape from Samsara... Looking at all this from someone very close to the EfS crew and almost as close to many of the other party scenes both ticket paying and free, let me say that you're all talking complete bollocks. The only difference between the EfS crew and any of the other clubs/parties mentioned is that they caught something just at the right time and became sucessfull. The 12 quid entry is an unfortunate combination of putting their parties on at The Fridge and having to pay VAT, something smaller clubs mostly get away with.

The organisers don't travel around in BMW's or even have mobile phones. They've got a couple of clapped out VW camper vans and live in the same old boring houses/flats that most people reading this probably have. Half the crew work for most of the other events mentioned. Ask any of them why they work for Samsara when they also work for Pulse, Techtonic, Shtonka, etc. Why do all these underground DJ's play there. Why is it there's still good raport between EfS and most of the other so called underground crews. It's because they're they've got integrety, they try so hard to put the best fucking party going and they mostly succeed. All profits go straight back into the club and not the organisers pockets.

If you know Richard/Tim or any of the crew you'll know this. Yes EfS is popular. They're popular because they do what they do well. Unfortunately the price of popularity is larger numbers and big venues cost big bucks. The VAT and tax find out because your so popular so you have to put your prices up. I think if they charged any less the whole thing would have collapsed by now as it did with Club Alien.

To the person who likes Big Sexy Festies. They're worse than Samsara! I paid 6 quid to go to a dangerously overfilled place with absolutely no fucking water at all and worst of all no toilets. Does anyone know when the *free* Big Sexy is being held, coz I don't and I've got my ear very close to the ground.

To the person who didn't go to the New Year EfS. It was fucking great and in actual fact they made no money at all on it as everything they spent went on the party. The only fuck-up I saw was the cloakroom and I don't think I've been anywhere that that hasn't happend on NYE.

If you prefer squat parties then fair enough but don't slag other attempts at having good parties. You can still get in for three quid if you're that committed and bring an instrument. Trancentral is at the stage Samsara was a year ago. I bet they'll have to go the same way or die as Club Alien was made to.
Dale Walker


Tribal Gathering / Mount Universe. Having had all my mates harping on about how good Tribal was i eventually decided to go to Mount Universe (organised by the same people who do Tribal) on New Years Eve......What a bag of SHITE. Since then i`ve had through the door a lovely flyer for Tribal Gathering 97, well after New Years Eve you must be joking mate.... The only reason that we went on New Year was the fact that we could walk home after...sod going all the way to Luton to have the same crap organisation, the same DJ`s, the same E`d up faces staring at you. I`ve raved/club`d it for 9 years and in all that time i`ve only ever been to 1 more disorganised event and that was the Fantazia do at Matchams Park in Bournemouth. From an organisation like the Mean Fiddler you would expect a bit more than endless queues for bloody everything!!! At one point the crush to get from one room to another was so great you had to give up and stay where you were...and as for Sasha & Digweed....what were they up to? What did they play as the first tune of 1997?.....LARGER! LARGER! LARGER!..purlease!! RIP OFF from begining to end and as for paying 35 for Tribal in the must be havin` a laugh mate. anon

Stay home and read &Morvern Callar& by Alan Warner!! It's better fun than getting ripped of for £2 for a can of Pils, you'll get a good musical education, you'll learn even more about hallucinogenic drugs and you'll squirm in disgust at the things she does to her boyfriend!! Also, while you're staying in read HEAD magazine anything by Hakim Bey, Squall (when it comes out again), everything by Iain Banks(except Canal dreams), Charles Bukowski, Robert Crumb, Peter Kropotkin, Ennrico malatesta, Umberto Eco, James Kelman, Cathy Acker, Alisdair Gray, Agnes Owen and Tom leonard. Stop going to all those fucking rip of clubs if you know they're shite. Go to to the Airport, dig a tunnel, fight the Crime Bill 1997 and stop eating dairy products and dead animals!!
Brent Murphy


Escape from Samantha, more like. The only good thing about this club is the lighting - fair play to those lighting engineers but it's just not worth 12. Give me a &Big Sexy Festy& squat party anyday - better music, better vibe, cheaper admisssion, longer parties, no grief. I recently read an article in 'Dream Creation' magazine written by a person called Psynrg who praised Samsara (to the point of being irritating about it) as though it was the best thing since sliced bread and then went on to slag off squat/free parties coz they were organised and attended by negative, angry people (therefore creating a negative atmosphere) who want to pull the system down - eh, no mate, most of us just want the freedom to dance without being exploited and you just don't get that at Samsara now do you?? from Tracy

Having steered clear of mainstream 'clubs' for the last few years I found myself in the queue( I'd forgotten what it was like!) outside The Fridge for Samsara. We'd arrived at the queue at 11pm to ensure we'd have to pay only(!!) £8. At 11.45 we were about half an hour away from the door and then we spotted some helpful looking souls, selling tickets! Great Idea, multiple sellers means quicker in...right? Oh no, in actual fact these tickets were 12! Now you fine fellows mention that you champion Samsara as the true scene, but having been at Shtonka, Immersion, Techtonic, Pulse, Maytec, I can say this, when a night starts advertising in Time Out then the rot is setting in. People go 'cos they've heard about the Liberators or whatever, and then the prices start to rise. Oh, that's not totally fair, 'cos if you lick the balls of an organiser they might let you in for free so some other mug can subsidise your night! Shite I say. The atmos. in samsara was good, but 1.60! for a can of coke and taps that dribble cold water...not so very different from Club UK two or three years ago! Now what do have to say to that? You Talk the talk, now cane the collective Samsara arses and get them to sort it out....if they haven't already put the down payment on the new BMW ZXR or whatever. J@FF@


RTS and Samsara are good underground non capitalist wankers? Shite and more shite. Their prices keep on going up, and by all accounts both of their NYE parties were overpriced and inept. Where does the profit from a 25 quid ticket go? towards a festival perhaps? or into someones pocket? Both clubs know they have a captive, and increasingly trendy/loaded market, and both clubs exploit it. Pfaff. from: Chris

I've been in London for almost two years. I ventured from the hippy extremes of North Wales after university seeking fame and fortune and some good parties. In Bangor, we had the best raves ever in the whole history of raves - quarries, houses, fields, farms, bus shelters, you name it, we'd probably have had a rave there at some point. None of us at the time could afford to go to any of the big London clubs so when l first got a job, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity to see how another scene do it. So far, all the clubs l've visited have been crap or just completely bollocks, with the exception of the Fridge on a Friday night. The problem with all the London clubs are on a Friday's they seem to be full of old slappers and suits, Saturday's they're too expensive, and full of hard-core ravers with their glam fashion- victim shiny high street garb. All l want is something which doesn't attempt to rip you off before you've even stepped in the door, and once you're in you're not confronted with people you wouldn't have even spoken to at school.... Clare Bowskill e-mail

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