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Cause she's a bitch and she sings like a banshee with a hot fire iron up her arse
Dr Evil

tara palmer tomkinson
She is possibly the most annoying person alive she thinks she an It girl. Go and get a job and stope relying on Daddy. She' patronising despite the fact that she hasn't got two brain cells to rub together and should join tamara beckworth to be punched!

John Prescot.
The day that I see that fat bastard waiting for a bus is the day that I will start traveling on public transport


Robbin Williams
Is this cunt supposed to be funny? I saw an advert for that Patch Adams the other day. FUCKING HELL! The soft twat runs around 'entertaining' innocent cancer victims who are too weak to get up and twat him. Imagine directing this feller in a film. You give him a script and he decides he'd rather ad-lib some 'crazy' improvisations, putting on a range of sad, unconvincing 'funny' voices, all the time twatting about trying on hats. My God.
Antonio Manderos

Tony Blair
Legitimising the right of bullies everywhere to do whatever they feel like because they're bigger (or have more planes), setting back the growth of the UN by 20 years, and putting a sleazy used car salesman like Jamie Shea on my TV every night.
Martin Zakharov/

Pamela & Tommy Lee
Because they're both skanky as hell and inistent upon making spectacles of themselves. And why did she take back a man who kicked her, only to start preaching about the ethical treatment of animals? How about the ethical treatment of your freakin' wife!!! Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me...

abusive language users on this site
If you really hate someone, why don't you write an abusive letter to their fan club? There is no need to use racist, sexist or homophobic remarks. Terms such as pussy, motherfucker and so forth should not be put onto this site. It is sick and in bad taste {even if it is geri, marilyn manson or peter costello}


Damon Hill
This so called racing driver would be better off applying for his bus pass next year instead of looking for another drive! Therefore leaving real drivers to win without having him as an obstacle. Many more walls would stay intact around the circuit!

Shanks and Bigfoot.
Offence: subjecting the nation to the most hideous, nauseatiing song i have head all year, infact probably the most irritating song of all time, Sweet Like Chocolate (or "Sweeeeeet layke chack-lit" as they prefer to sing it, in their sickening squeaky tones) how can such shite get to number one? Am i the only one who wnats to give these tossers a damn good slapping?
Richard Humphrey

Tony Blair
That smug arrogant prick makes me puke - New Labour are just Tories in Socialists' clothing - I hope he takes the opportunity to visit our boys in Kosovo, and then either steps on a landmine or gets kebabbed by a sniper - KLA or Serb or KFOR - any bullet will do.
Jonathen Aitken, HMP Belmarsh (honest)

Bill Gates
He's a monopolist that makes a half-brained operating system that crashes every five minutes. Someone should slap him (the pie was a step in the right direction)!


for having the cheek to accept the job of prime minister when she was clearly insane. for not being where she was supposed to be when the bomb went off in brighton. for not coming round my house so i can thrash some sense of humanity back into her rotten soul. for making huge swathes of decent people so poor while handing over the national resources to the worst type of people that the world has to offer. for not recognising (and doing something about..) those who left school in 79 -84 have had a nightmare getting into this capitalist type set up, due to the fact that she shut the fucking country down in terms of training/apprenticeships so she could settle some ideological/green grocer type gripes. for saying there is no such thing as society. for saying that there is no link between massive unemployment and the escalating crime rate. for putting so many of our male economic refugees in jail.

Nicholas Annelka
It's bad enough that the surly French twat chose to ply his trade with the Gooners, but he has the cheek to blame everyone else for his wanting to leave! I can't wait for him to buy a one-way ticket to anywhere and stop clogging up the back pages. It was touch and go between him or superprick Noel Edmunds to get a slap, Nicholas the mercenary just shaded it!

Noel Edmunds
For one he's a bastard whose jumper look like they've been made by the Queen mother on halucinogenics. All his TV shows are a pile of shit and he's a smug little twat headed fish raper.
Adrian Chapman c/o

People who are down on christians
Take a good look at yourself u assholes and leave the church alone. at least they stand for something and don`t accept that 2+2=5 You asshole motherfuckers are the ones discriminating you lazy racist prejudice jerks get a clue and shove your nose up yer own ass!!
Amanda Green

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