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Tony Blair
Because he's made me realise I should have known better - I voted for him, and do I feel a prat? Yes I do. Sleaze, corruption, no sign of an 'ethical' arms policy, no advance on drugs policy... all hail the New Tories. Let me slap the lying bastard...

Baroness Young
What the old bag did to young people over the age of consent vote - was criminal. She deserves a good smack.

Dickheads with no sense of humour
I just read the "fuckwit gallery"......if anyone needs a slap it's some of those arseholes! Urban75 rules.....keep up the good work!

Martha Stewart
THAT FUCKING BITCH!!! A woman that spends half an hour making an onion sandwich! Just so she can call it the perfect sandwich! Her and her horrible show and horrible magazine and her absolutly awful home designs line at KMart! Horrid! She's the whitest person in the world, and I'm not reffering to her skin tone. I think she'd faint if a black person asked for her autograph! No, that bitch doesnt just deserve a slap, she deserves Marilyn Manson shitting on her!!!!
Eva Richards,


Joanne Guest
Typical blonde bimbo who's only talent is getting her tits out for the boys !! She thinks she can be TV presenter, but we've got news for her. She just needs a slap !!!

Beanie Babies
No particular beanie baby - just the whole rotten lot of 'em! A child's toy becoming an adult icon of prestige collectables -- it's mad, mad, mad, I tell you. Not to mention that they go for retail of $5.00 but on the Beanie Baby market upwards of $150 or more... IT'S COMPLETE INSANITY!!!

Monica Lewinski
because she scares america.

Marilyn Manson
He is a "King Fuckhead" 'Nuff said. Yes?

Reverend Phelps
Some smegma-slurping goat-felcher from Topeka, Kansas, USA who thinks it's his religious duty to get his followers to picket funerals of AIDS victims bearing signs that read "Thank God For AIDS", "Fag Sin", et al. Even has a website- View and retch, then search and destroy.


that fucking purple gilbert grape

-Picketed a New Model Army concert with fliers that read "Only Stupid Bastards Sign to EMI". "Tubthumping" is on EMI. -Chastised Prodigy for being "misogynist", as if a song with "change my pitch up/smack my bitch up" repeated 200 times to the point of a complete and utter loss of meaning is any more blatantly political than "I get knocked down, then I get up again". -Charting higher than the Chemical Brothers' "Dig Your Own Hole" in the US (Chumbas: Top 10, Chems: #14). -Flooding sports stadia throughout the globe with "Tubthumper", thus contributing to declining attendance at Major League Baseball games. -Treading the same old political ground that the Dead Kennedys, Public Enemy and Atari Teenage Riot have already stomped to mud (and in far better fashion). -Becoming critical darlings. Urgh. -Throwing paint on the Clash. NOBODY can do that and still be allowed to live with all their appendages intact.

John Howard
Australian Prime Minister He's a right-wing fashist bastard. He gets all his policies from Blair (or is it the other way round?) he thinks that all people under 25 are criminal drug addicts. The unemployment percentage has risen thanks to his stupid legislation allowing bastard bosses the right to hire and fire anyone they like. He's fucked around with the dole, he's made sure only rich tossers can go to University, anyone who isn't totally independant and on at least $40,000 a year is just going to have to die in the gutter. He's introducing a GST (i.e. like the VAT) and he's putting 10% more on food and heating. So this means that those on the lowest income bracket (which is the largest sector) will have to fork out nearly half of their weekly income on food alone, which the those in the highest income bracket will not be affected since they only spend a tenth of their income on food. He needs to be burnt at the stake, the racist, lying, wanker. Mind you a slap would suffice...I'd happily punch him from his yuppie house in Kirribilli all the way to Hell where he belongs with a red hot poker up his arse.


Leonardo Dicrapio
He has the talent of a dead wet kipper sitting on a market stall on a hot summer afternoon.
Daniel Squires

Hugh Hefner
For being a pioneer in the mindless business of sexist female exploitation.

Those who want to smack Chumbawamba
The people who have nominated Chumbawamba have not given legitimate reasons as to why they want to punch them, except for mindless banter about annoying trumpets, and them being one-hit wonders. And to this site- for an organizationg that obviously shares many of Chumbawambas opinions and views(opposition towards the government, large money-making corporations, etc.), you sure post a lot of Chumbawamba nominations.

Jeff Kennett
Unrepentant elitist who funds wealthy private schools while the state's hospital system collapses. Wins elections by slagging his opponents while saying NOTHING that anyone can actually pin him down on. Believes advance statements of policy would "confuse" people. Hand in glove with operators of casino which has put many small traders out of business. Is dismantling public transport in (opposition electorates first) One look at his arrogant face will reveal to anyone the urgent need for a REALLY throrough pulping.
Tony /


New Kids on the Block
for continuing to spawn an ever increasing school of frothy, prancing beard-free "boy bands" who do nowt but jiggle and warble to a mixture of pre-teen knicker wetters and middle-aged toe rags who should know better.

Rush Limbaugh
The people in the fuckwit gallerie Homophobia, racism, close mindedness, ect. are just the burden that keeps our society from climbing. People like that should loose thier breeding licences. Well on that note i guess you would have to add Rush Limbaugh.

Lord Hanson
Well, apparently a lot of people here really hate the group Hanson. But there's another Hanson far more worthy of a good virtual slap... LORD Hanson. the rabidly Thatcherite anti-Social Chapter chairman of Hanson plc.

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