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Protesting against GM food and genetic research
Action homepage

"There are moments and issues in history where parliament is inadequate and it falls to the people themselves to act. With the case of genetic engineering and the granting of patents on life, I believe we have reached one of those historic moments" Alan Simpson, MP

NOTE: this section is now archived - please use the links below for updated news.

Friends of the Earth
New Scientist report
English Nature
GeneTech: major protest resource
Listing of UK actions
Britons oppose GM (BBC Sept 03)

» GM food in Africa - 04.07.03
» A database of the innocent? - 02.04.01
» Genetic trials trashed! - 24.07.00
» Greenpeace stops GM ship - 25.02.00
» GM food banned at Monsanto canteen!
» Stop the Crop National Rally - 18.07.99
» Monsanto: feeding the world?
» Genetics update: July 99
» update: 20th Feb 99
» new game! GM Blair!
» first UK arrests
» trashing the crops
» genetix snip!
» archive: hunger strike
» background
» HUGE global GM database
» Discuss the issues on the forums!

Action homepage

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