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International Websites About Genetic Engineering

Huge database of websites dealing with genetic engineering and related topics.
Last Updated 10th October 98
(original document created by Jim Mc Nulty)

Sorted alphabetically by server name.

Anti-GM campaign - A call to remove GM oilseed rape from Britain's countryside.

new: Corporate watch: Who's involved in GMOs near you - maps and contact details of each UK site involved in GMOs, from offices to stores, from ports to fields.
Vote now on the issues of Genetic engineering. You have until Dec 98.
FYI and EPA documents on what constitutes food quality.
Eugenics watch. UK and USA.
Sustainable Agriculture.>
Converse with an expert on soya politics
Combined pages for growers and exporters of Soya .(US)
Organic poll web pages..make your mark.
Loka Institute

The US government is currently formulating national organic regulations
ASEED is a Euro-group involved in g/e and other enviro issues
Ireland's Eco Warriors with links to other NGO's.
Norwegian Biosafety developments
Bowditch group
John Rose Englishman campaigning on GE
Miguel A. Altieri, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Australian GeneEthics Network
The convention website contains full text editions of all the official documents for the conference of the parties. (see also


Convention on Biological Diversity.
find out all the scandal within the industry. Rumours and their source etc.
Religious Alliance for Bio-Integrity
Euro/British Legislation
Genetic Concern Ireland, information on current justicial review and protests on releases in Ireland.
Canadian Canola Council
www virtual library on biotechnology

Center for Ethics and Toxics
Citizens For Health (CFH), Boulder, Colo.
CNN Searcher. Good source of material available on health, enviroment politics etc worldwide.
CNN article about Chemical War Victims from the Vietnam War. Monsanto as one of the makers of Agent Orange(Dioxin) have not paid out compensation owing to the Constitutional Protection they received from the US Government.
Canadian magazine Alive: Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition; Information about biotechnology and its hazards.

In this article, "HPB" refers to the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada. One of the topics in this article was short-acting nifedipine, a hypertensive drug that is still on the market despite concern over its safety.
Indonesian & Brazilian fire updates
Sara Jarvis, Development Assistant, Consumers International, 24 Highbury Crescent London, N5 1RX, UK
Consumers International re upcoming Codex Alimentarius meeting in Ottawa May 25-29, 1998
Campaign To Label GE Food

Corperate watch, great team of enviromentalists
cnn financial news network.
More CNN search info on Biotech. Good sources. Oklahoma trial statement, former Monsanto Scientist talking about making explosives from Petro Chemicals. Monsanto stocks products history, good info
Full Spectrum Health is Craig Winters' Consulting and Brokerage company for the Natural Products Industry.
The Democracy Network. Amazing info on how to get the most from Democracy.

For genetics action info (UK) Genetic Engineering Network
Betty Martini's Mission Possible against Artificial Sweeteners
The original Mission Possible flyer by Betty Martini
"Franken-Food" News
Pamphlet on aspartame
Jennifer Cohen's diet coke report
Britsh Government Advisories Commision on Human Genetics. 1998 Report Available

UK dep/trade industry bioguide
oil.whator.html UK soil association (Organics )
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Enviromental Defence Fund website. This article on Biotech who's minding the store.
Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with the "Environmental" network, about gmo's

British Genetic Engineering Network
Enviromental News Service, good article here on Nepali Science calling for genetic protocol agreements
US Enviromental Protection Agency... The place to check on Legislation and press releases in US of EPA
Euro/Paliament news releases
EPA Microbial Products of Biotechnology: Proposed and Final Rules
Council for Responsible Genetics:
CNN Enviromental Service. Diary of a planet

European Parliament G/E Releases statements for 1998.
Europarliament news
Help to avert the dangers of G/E
Codex Alimentarius. Very important issues decided by this commitee appointed by GATT AND WTO to overseer the introduction of G/E foods
Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) The MAI-Not! Project, OPIRG- Carleton (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) 1125 Colonel By Dr., Room 326 Unicentre, Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5B6

British Friends of the Earth
more from friends of the Earth,though more on it's anti-GE campaign.
The Food and Drink Federation's web site.

The FOX TV trial: GE Multies against accurate reporting.
Gentech newslist..good old friends in Germany. WWW VERSIONS ttp:// From the Heroes of Totnes. Organic defenders in the UK.

Frost & Sullivan, Pro-Biotech Marketing, NY

top the european ngo network on genetic engineering "GENET"
To test any product if it is Genetically Engineered, ask this company UK Genetics Forum. More
friends in the struggle.
Ronnie Cummins at the Pure Food Campaign USA Little Marais, Minnesota 55614>
Paul Mobbs English enviro issues including g/e
Green Building Professionals Directory

Greenpeace Germany's shopping basket campaign (Einkaufskorb-Kampagne)>
Greenpeace USA Homepage
Greenpece Bio Tech information and Campaign Highlights
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the Greenpeace Reports: "Not Ready for Roundup: Why Consumers and Farmers Should Avoid Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Soybeans" "Not Ready for Roundup: A Critique of Monsanto's Risk Evaluation"
Greenpeace petition against the EPA regarding the approval of BT Toxin.
Novartis Genetically Engineered Maize: why didn't they apply the
precautionary principle?

Excellent article from George Monbiot
Guardian newspaper upholders of free speech in the UK. (and there aren't many)
Holistic Healing Web Page
Horizon Organic Dairy, Boulder, Colo.
Dr Andrew Weil's website. He has a writeup on GEfoods

South Downs EF! c/o PO Box 2971, Brighton, BN2 2TT, UK - Good resource for articles on GE
biosafety bibliographical database: more than 1700 articles (full reference+abstract) from 1990 to present published on international scientific journals on biosafety &risk assessment for the release of GMOs. STAY TUNED!
Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy:
GREEN DISK - The editors of The Green Disk have released the latest
version of their Guide to Environmental Computing

EARTH NEGOTIATIONS BULLETIN provided daily updates from the Bratislava conference (May 98). The site also contains links to related meetings, and a store of archive material. (See also
Monsanto and friends biotech blunders. Good article by Ronnie Cummins
South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) Box 28703, Oakland, CA 94604
Genetically Manipulated Food News. GE Archive. A thank you for Alphabetically listing the sites for us all. Good archives for those looking info in subject and date orders.
Organic Farmers Marketing Association (OFMA): Organic farmers and suppliers can share info here
Copies of the Proposed Rule, side by side and other relevant papers are available on the OFMA website
See for several articles by Richard Grossman
Anti-food defamation laws in USA

To order your transgenic animals for research purposes etc. heres the place.
ABSOLUTE HEALTH is a nutritional website with over 140 subjects at present, including material on Aspartame, Herbicide resistant weeds, Genetically altered food, Milk, etc. Hank (the Juiceguy)
Library of Congress Very useful tool when needed all American Law and Constitution Reform is available here.
Patenting of life. IPS-ONLINE (password needed from) World Desk via Panisperna 207 00184 Rome, ITALY eml.
Enviromental News Service. Article on Monsanto blitz E/U with AD campaign.
for making available this deep ecology kind of an article) Pesticides and the solutions for them

Mothers for Natural Law. Succesful group of concerned mothers instrumental in many campaign endeavors.
see Mothers for Natural Law. Good GE website.
Media info find out all the websites of newspapers worldwide. Excellent site for info.
Interesting Triple selection of Web pages from G.P and on the opposing sides Monsanto and Soya Growers.
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly (Environmental Research Foundation) Hazardous waste homepage.
As a chemical company that has staked its future on genetically modified agriculture, Monsanto is a leading player in the bioprospecting debate. The views of Hendrik Verfaillie, the companys president.
Monsanto's rBGH information

Mother Jones Magazine. The USDA "smoking gun" documents can be found there.
French Confederation Paysanne. You need to understand French.
Prof. J. Fagan
Summary of Concerns of Genetic Engineering
Nationwide food survey on gm free foods.
Monsanto's Ingard GM Cotton regime visit this site. NLP Wessex

The Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods. Summary.
Kingsley Brooks, national chairman of the Natural Law Party Canada
Canada's Natural Law Party on GE
British Natural Law Party manifesto and materials on genetic engineering
Dutch Natural Law Party's Campaign
Vegetarian Society on Gen/Eng
German, English & Swedish. Campaign to ban genetically engineered foods

Anti-biotech info service this article covering Bio-Diversity
Some New Scientist articles are on GE:
Call for a spin doctor: The GE image gets worse!
Web pages for the magazine,covers quite a lot on Biotech
Newpage company search facility
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIVE BIODIVERSITY GROUPS This network funds bioprospecting projects in developing countries. The aim is to share with host countries the benefits of innovations based on natural products.

"News Brief" from the Natural Foods Merchandiser website. Article on German elections and the prospect of g/e bans by the Green Party.
brazilian soya traders network
Su Shea, at Permaculture International, Australia
Excellent expose of the RBGH Scandal from Dr. Robert Cohen and Friends.
OECD and Unido pages on Biotech
Tomorrows world article on G/E

Cooperative resource from Unido and OECD.
Cooperative resource from Unido and OECD.
Indigenous People Fear Genetic Slavery

excellent information on GE patents and third world issues.
Transgenic animals available for research
Barbara Duff of Organic Alliance
Organic Trade Association website>
The Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.
Pesticide Action Network, North America
Dr. Costas Giannakenas MD and the cgian group.
Tom Pavich, Pavich Family Farms, Terra Bella, Calif.

Australian GeneEthics Network. Melbourne, Australia
Australian Enviromental magazine exposing fraud and corruption.
John Allen's database of non-GE food suppliers
Canberra Organic Growers Society have an excellent new website on Genetic Engineering
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Integrated pest management initiative.
INT pest management again International news g/e
Pesticides Action Network.
Pacific Northwest's environmental research
Progressive Farmer magazine

Public Relation Watch: "Mad Cow/Food Slander" trial of Oprah Winfrey and Howard Lyman in Texas
Toxic Deception. Chemicals alert.
"Food Bytes" from the Pure Food Campaign
Rural Advancement Foundation International
Australian plant bio-piracy problems.
RAFI is a network against unfair patenting and bio-piracy
send an email to Dan Glickman US sec Agriculture demanding the removal of patent approvals
web research on corporate charter revocation.
Robert Koch Institute, Berlin. German language, but has some english summaries

Good article about Intellectual Property Rights.
Reuters Health Information. It has a good Search Engine that specialises in Health issues worldwide.
Monsanto tries to sell with 'feeling' and 'confidence', not with facts
UK list of gm free foods. D/L via Adobe acrobat files.
Sylvia Tawse for the Organic Trade Association
The Simple Living Network
Activist Links to the WWW. (Mostly are parts of the original from of this list)
Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers. Dr Ron Epstein, San Francisco State University
Department of the Enviroment Our very own Eco Warrior Force.
ACRE Information releases.
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Index of approved GMOs in Europe

listing of genetically modified organisms released in the UK
gives the names and addresses where public registers of genetically modified organisms released in the UK may be found
Department Eviroment/Transport and the Regions UK gov web pages on GMO Releases
Third World Network Based in Penang, Malaysia, TWN is another influential environmentalist group. This is a link to an essay on bioprospecting by its director, Martin Khor.
Activist Network Squall
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Swedish Physicians And Scientists Against Genetically Engineered Food convey scientific facts about various problems with GE foods. An international network for a moratorium on release of GE-products.
Reproduce a signature collection list.
Send e-mails to the authorities involved with GE (sample)
Scientific Facts about GE (Genetic Engineering)
Assemble a mutant of your own choosing and see how it fairs.

GLOBAL 2000: Austrian environmental organisation. German, but has some English pages as well.
"Conclusions of the Lay Panel at the Consensus Conference on Gene Therapy 22-25 September 1995" from the Danish Parliament's Board of Technology

T=Bio-Tech%20Stocks Biotech company stock prices
Biotech info from the Third
World Network
Aspartame Toxicity Information Center
Comments to the USDA on its new proposed rules on organic foods
Survey of Commercial/Trans Global Selfious Interest.
Union of Concerned Scientists
Summaries of Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering; FAQs
The Natural History of genes a Science Education Utah Museum of Natural History, University of Utah School of Medicine, Eccle sinstitute of Human Genetics.

Biosafety Information Network and Advisory Service (BINAS) is a service of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).
animal rights activism against experiments, and xenotransplantations.
Supreme Court Index. Another excellent tool for information when needed
Washington Biotechnology Action Council (WashBAC):
Arche GENoah, German GE activist group, Uni Kassel. German language.
Margaret Wittenberg, Communications Director, Quality Assurance, Whole Foods Market, Austin, Texas
Genetic engineering summary.
World Watch Magazine: Some food facts.

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE The Washington-based institute has published a very useful overall introduction to the issues surrounding bioprospecting.
Excellent source of info by yahoo, mtc is international dealers terminology for monsanto.
US company stock prices
Australian Gene Ethics Network Excellent Website

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