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free party at stonehenge
report by Bethany, March 1999.

On Saturday 20th March 1999, Mutant Dance celebrated it's 8th birthday by putting on a free party for the Equinox at Stonehenge, the first in over ten years....

A year ago, you would be lucky to be allowed to park up your car within 5 miles of the stones, but three weeks before, the ban on gatherings at Stonehenge was overturned by the House of Lords.


After the usual chaos, fuckups and general anarchy that goes into putting on a party of this kind, about 300 people were gathered around a geodesic dome painted fluoro and lit by UV lights (it could be seen for miles!) dancing to techno, near the site of the infamous battle of the beanfield.

At sunrise, partygoers had access to the stones (wild!), and the party was allowed to continue as long as we wanted it to. There were no problems with the authorities.


We gave out a telephone number to call on Saturday for directions to the party, and when people heard where we planned to do it, we were laughed at - no-one believed we could pull it off. In future, if you hear that we are planning to do the impossible, come along and check it out!

This party was proof that if enough people want something enough, no-one can stop you. Don't let the authorities tell you that you won't get away with it.... with enough people fighting for the right to party, we will win out in the end.

©Bethany 1999. See more at the mutant dance website

urban75 disclaimer: we are not encouraging people to participate or get involved with illegal raves in any way. Oh no. We advise people to go to nice Government approved clubs like the Ministry of Sound where they can pay lots of money to be searched by burly bouncers and have their pockets lightened by over-priced drinks and water.

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