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anger is an energy
urban75 lets rip!

"No more elvis, beatles or the rolling Stones in '77"
the clash, 1977

"Move over dire straits and the eagles - comes a fucking Superstar DJ!"
urban75 1999

You know that we're a pretty angry lot here at Urban75, and one thing that's guaranteed to get us on a rant is what's happening to the rave scene. We're angry at seeing the big money corporates, super clubs and promoters pretending to be part of the scene, and we're fed up with the cod-mystic new age bullshit that goes on while the cash tills ring out a repetitive rip-off beat.

It's not that we've got problems with clubs making money - that's fine by us - but it's when they start insulting us by trying to justify it with some fake inner-consciousness shite, or talk of being 'anti-establishment' and part of the sub-culture that we take exception. We'll be telling you about the rip-offs, the cons, the slippery merchants and the bullshitters - and we' re going to continue to support those people who give their time and effort to the music, not the money.

We want to hear from you lot out there - send in your reviews, rants and opinions of the best/worst clubs and parties, tell us what you think about events on the scene, and what choons are doing it for you.

And we'll post up the best of 'em...

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