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Archive top tens from readers
These were the bangin' tunes that were big news way back when.... war 303-Rozzer's Dog (Stay up Forever)
2.that old chestnut-Ramos & Hyde meet Dave the drummer (4-Tune)
3.experiment 4 rmxs-A&E dept (stay up forever rmxs)
4.species-K90 (Boscaland)
5.hydraulix 1-Dave the drummer & ant (Hydraulix)
6.barndance-dave the drummer & ben balafonic (Bionicorange)
7.303 power rmxs-choci,geezer,ddr (smitten)
8.vitamins from the pharmacy-havok vs. lab-4 (one inch records)
9.jaw 2 the floor-Ballonheads (smitten)
10.stablize-malarkey (intensiv)

Rank 1 - Airwave
2. Joey Negro - Must Be The Music
3. Big Ron - Let The Freak
4. Choo Choo Project - Hazin & Phazin
5. Lenny Fontana - Chocolate Sensation
6. Bedrock - Heaven Scent
7. Fridge II - Angel (Quake Mix)
8. Blue Amazon - Coming Home
9. The Olmec Heads - Magic Man
10. Starfighter - Apache

Liberator DJ's - Radio On One (remixes by London Acid Tekno Mafia)
D.A.V.E The Drummer & DJ Jerome - Hydraulix 3 (Hydraulix)
Rowland The Bastard - International Gonad Paradigm Shift)
Mark Tyler - London Let's Ave Yer (TEC)
Audio Pancake - Meltdown to the Milennium (Smitten)
Temperature Drop - Clawhammer (Cluster)
Tarball & Lungbutter - Lookin Down at Snake Canyon
Chris Liberator & The Geezer - Our Shit is Out There (Smitten)
Clive - I Whisper Your Name on the Wind (Infected)
Tarball & Lungbutter - Sonic Eruptor (Rozzer's Dog Enhanced Underpants remix) (Stay Up Forever remix)


hehe...I have the misfortune of living in the Great FrozenNorth, where the rednecks like to beat onthose who are different, and the bikers want to get in on the profits of the rave scene...oh well.
1. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
2. Dune - Million Miles from Home
3. Cypher - My Only Hope
4. ATB - 9 pm (Til I COme)
5. Delerium - Duende
6. Brainbug - Nightmare
7. Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now
8. Vengaboys - Movin' Around (ed: what the...?!)
9. Opus III - Dreaming of Now
10. Trance Control - Dream of Trance

the latest from the Rumblefish Soundsystem
Layo & Bushwacka - Ear Candy / Bad old..(END 027)
Shara Nelson & Kasha - U (Botchit and Scarper)
Regular Fries - Dust It (Richard Sen Mix)(JBO)
Mash-up-headz - Magic Potion (Plank)
Boundarie Hunters - Self Destruct (TCR)
Apex - Bangin’ (Marine Parade)
Waveform - Deep Dubs (TCR)
World of Crime - Fraction of Fiction (Ultimate Breaks)
Rennie Pilgrem - Some Place Funky (Mob)
Language Lab - Bushwacka Mix (white label)
Dave Colbran

Sentience- "Break the System" (DAVE the Drummer mix)
2. Audio Pancake- "Souls Suckin'"
3. Immersion + Dirtbag- "Acid Techno"
4. Hydraulix 2
5. Timestretch Armstrong- "Fuel for the Free"
6. Temperature Drop- "Icepick"
7. Geezer- "Brain Bend"
8. Pile Driver- "Pulse Meter"
9. Dangerous Canopy- "Septic Overload"
10. Twister- "Mental Breakdown"
Dj Duodenum

Some tunes that do it here in Birmingham
1.Paperclip People - Throw (Planet E Classics)
2.Black Science Orchestra - Sunshine (Afro Art Test)
3.Slick'n'Flash - T.I.O. (20:20 Vision)
4.Savvas Ysatis - Alright (Tresor)
5.Ludovic Navarre - From Detroit to St Germain (F Comms)
6.Fangshi - Music is Our Bomb (Round Records)
7.Space Raiders - Disko Doctor(Original mix) (Skint)
8.Antonelli Electr - Nobody Else But You (italic)
9.The Delinquents - Future (Swag)
10. Get Fucked - Dot to Dot (Eukahouse)
DJ Blag (CitriCity/Rhythm Method)

Nostrum - Wonderful Brilliant
Space Frog - Lost in Space
Vincent de Moor - Orion City
Push - Universal Nation
Transa - Behind the Sun
Dune - Million Miles
Kai Tracid - Liquid Skies
Binary Finary - 1998
Nostrum - Melancholic Child
Joe T. Vanelli - PLaying with the Voice


Don't Be Afraid - Moonman
The World '99 - Pulp Victim
9p.m('Till I Come) - ATB
Legacy(Show Me Love) - The Space Brothers
Lizard - Mauro Picotto
Cream - Blank and Jones
Forever Under The Moon - Blank and Jones
Everyday - Agnelli & Nelson
Red Sunrising - Lost Witness
Better Off Alone - Dj Jurgen Feat. Alice Dj

1. Acid Ted- 'Howard You Like It Michael!'
2. DDR- 'Madness'
3. Geezer & Choci- '303 Power' remix
4. Lab-4- 'Reformation'
5. Charlie Don't Surf- 'Blood on my Giro'
6. pHarmacy- 'Easy Access'
7. Dirty Blonde- 'Son of a Crack-Whore'
8. Ramos & UFO- 'Dreamesque' (C.Lib mix)
9. Snakemen- 'Afrika'
10. DAVE the Drummer- 'Strictly Underground
Dj Duodenum

1.Antonelli Electr - Dubby Disco (italic)
2.Circulation - Beige (Circulation)
3.Colab EP (Round Records)
4.Len Lewis - Liquid Acid (Swag)
5.Rozzo - See the Way (Plastic City)
6.Terry Lee Brown Jnr - Bad House Music(Dub 98) (plastic City)
7.The Deep - Colours EP (Basenotic)
8.Circulation - Turquoise (Circulation)
9.Glasgow Ganster Funk - Find Another Ho!(Funk D'Void fifteen dollar remix) (Independiente)
10.Sitting in the park in the sunshine with my mates, drinking Red Stripe (JSA)
DJ Blag

Claude Young - The Move (Urban Substance Records)
E-Dancer - Pump the Move (Kenny Larkin Mix)(KMS)
Mark Lloyd - French Fist Vox (Primate)
Robert Hood - Underestimated (M-Plant)
Gary Numan - Cars(Mike Dearborn Mix) (Beggar's Banquet)
Outlander - The Vamp(Kevin Saunderson Mix) (R+S)
Paddee - Michelin Boy E.P. (Vast)
Red Planet 9 - Dream Dancing (Hi-Tech Funk Productions)
Anthony Rother - Sex with the Machines
Skymaster - The Murge E.P. (Offshoot)
Pat o' Callaghan


1.muthafuckin bass-DJ Rush
2.unreleased trax-spider
3.syncopate vs downward-magic trax 2
4.planetary forming material-coldust force e.p.-Jay Denham
6.venus (remix)- dj hyperactive
7.ultimathule-sugar experimentation station
8.subhead 14-subhead
9.blast!-The Stalker (orlarndo voorn)
10.Group tracks-H
Spider (Nottingham/leicester free parties)

1. Dom/Roland:Braincloud
2. Renegade Hardware/Dylan: The Eyes/Kombat
3. RAM Trilogy pts 1 and 2
4. John B: Pressure
5. Photek: Form/Function EP
6. Creative Source/Digital: xpress
7. Flytronix: Acoustic Jam(Origin Unknown RMX)
8. EZ Rollaz: Drumfunk Hooliganz Ep
9. Virus: Lifecrisis
10. Digital: Chameleon

Deetah "Relax", Bump and Flex rmx
TJ Cases "I'll Wait 4 Love"
Victor Romero "Inside You"
Lenny Fontana "Spirit of the Sun"
KMA "Recon Mission" EP
Lenny De Ice "We Are IE" rmx white
N-Tyce "Telefunkin", First Steps rmx
Artist Unknown "Baby" rmx white
Crazy Bank "Your Love"
Doolally "Straight From Your Heart"
Bat (from the Triology crew)

jazz twit - return of the jazz twit (shaboom)
circulation - red (resolve)
bustafunk - black suger (funky tone)
cricco castelli - life is changing (kult)
sunshine funk - the summer threat (sunshine groove france)
true spirits - smile (chilli funk)
bright lights - headlights (neon heights)
bob sinclar - the ghetto (yellow)
cim - cool air (headspace)
raw form - dub plate no.2 (raw forms)
olly headey


Current favs at Rumblefish and Raya parties
Autechre - Autechre LP (Warp)
dub - In Tune Bob (HET 001 White)
Junkie XL - Bustin Like This (unknown)
Crystal Method - unknown Hardknox Mix
Lunatic Calm - Double OO Pack (Fused and Brusied)
Bola - Aguilla 7" (KMS 002 Skam)
Gescom EP (Skam 009)
Junior Blanks - All About Beats (Fused and Bruised FAB016T)
Meat Katie LP Sampler (Kingsize White)
Unknown White Label (HES Records)
Dave Colbran Rumblefish Soundsystem

From a breakbeat neophyte of the US (the place that gave ya the Crystal Method and the term "electronica"... not my fault). So it ain't all that esoteric... I got some catching up to do.
Adam F, "Dirty Harry (Grooverider remix)"
Dillinja, "Acid Track"
Omnium, "Extua Textua"
Atari Teenage Riot, "Delete Yourself"
Meat Beat Manifesto, "It's the Music"
Luke Vibert, "The Music Called Jazz"
DJ Shadow, "High Noon"
Photek, "The Hidden Camera"
The Chemical Brothers, "Get Up On It Like This (live at the Social '96)"
Prodigy, "Climbatize"
Nate Patrin

Tunes like this are funky and should be played more at free partys and underground Raves. With all due respect to techno its all over the scene so lets get a bit diverse. Thanxs to the urban crew for the platform.
1.Future Homosapiens ~ Disco Hell
2.H-man ~Take Control
3.Funky N.A.S.A ~ The Fly That Bugged Me
4.Street Cnr Symphony ~ Bash Bash
5.Salt City Orchestra ~Pagan Thing
6.S&m ~Kinky Kut
7.Grow For It~ The Last Disco Superstars
8.DJ Sneak ~Can't Hide From Your Bud
9.Flashback ~Gotta Get Up
10.JT Playaz ~ Just Playin
Dagenham Dave


Pig Snorter "My 909"
Audio Pancake "Fuck Goa"
Weathermen "Thunderflash"
Lochi - "New Wave Of Acid Techno"
Lochi "Vote Techno Party"
Lab 4 "The Luddite EP"
A+E Dept "Black Dom/White Widow"
Sacroblast "Roland Abuse"
Start Power "X-Ray OK"
Repeater "Point Blank EP"
The Madhatter

1. Binary Finary (Paul Van Dyke) 1998
2. Injected with a poison (Baby Doc)Praga Khan
3. The milky way Bond
4. Voyager 1.56 Mr Spring
5. Galaxians (Jon the dentist) Section X
6. When I rock Thomas Shumacher
7. Beats rockin Chris Liberator & D.A.V.E
8. Mind the gap (Commander Tom) Lectrolux
9. Funky Ass track (Nik Fish, Sasha & BeXta remix) Phuture Wax Recordings
10. We take you on a trip (Nik Fish, Sasha & BeXta remix) Phuture Wax Recordings
DJ Sasha (Aus)

Sumfin' old, sumfin' new, sumfin borrowed, what to do? Just got a hold of some old Prodigy (hearing most of it for the first time) and have come to the conclusion that they kick arse. Until the revolution seizes the airwaves, make mine U75.
Obsession - Wisdokta & Vibes
Let Me Be Your Fantasy - Baby D
Full Throttle - Prodigy
Narayan - Prodigy
Visual Attack - Aircut
Elektrobank - The Chemical Brothers
Piku - The Chemical Brothers
If I Let You Live - Headrillaz
Hot 'n'Bovvud - Headrillaz
I Need Your Love - NRG
From Barbados "Techno? What's that?", West Indies. ZokkA N. Won


Here are some of my favorite tracks, that tear up the dance floor over here in the states !! (Acid Trance and Progressive House/TrancE)
1. The Secret - "BIG"
2. Audio Pancake - "Fuck Goa"
3. Virtual Vibes - "Dirty Bitch"
4. The Secret - "'Ave Some of That!"
5. A&E Dept. - "And The Rabbits Name Was"
6. Chakra - "I Am"
7. Solar Stone - "Day by Day"
8. DBA - 3D
9. GameMaster - "Lost Tribe"
10. Gate - Interlace
DJ Synja

1 audio pancake - fuck goa (smitten 21)
2 shaft punk - squat rock (organgrinder 6)
3 rowland the bastard - intent to supply ep(bionic orange)
4 paul gaarn - telica 9 (telica)
5 immersion - rave remixes (s.u.f.remix 10)
6 dangerous canopy - getoutofmyshopnow (hazchem 4)
7 nuw idol - hard drive (zoom 44)
8 immersion - purge remixes (smitten rmx 3)
9 orinoco - mama konda (made in dj)
10 hellfire club - voodoo magic (react)
DJ Orange Peel

1. Escrima -Train of thought
2. Violet -Burn the Elastic
3. Virus sun EP (perfecto)
4. Xcabs -Nuero (bellboy)
5. Hallucinogen -GammaGobblins (dragonfly)
6. D-N-A - Genetic Codes (unreleased contact dj DRC-415-626-3953
7. Nexus6 -Tres Chic (noom)
8. Spectrum (primate 10inch)
9. Jim Clarke -second life EP (noom)
10.Jones and Stephenson -Rebirth again (prolekult)
dj Brenden Weaver


D.A.V.E.The Drummer - Jacknife (Routemaster)
Intexor vs.Sinesweeper - EP (Primate)
Faces - Moment (Primate 10")
Geezer - Untitled (White Label)
Sphere - Polyphonic Groove(AUK)
The electric 10 - EXPR (Rough Cut)
Paul Mac - Seaside Electronics(Fragmented)
Phylyps - Base (Basic Channel)
Throb - Subnormal (Primate)
Secret Hero - Speed Freak (Stay up Forever)
Edward Buckley

1. Tony Dax "Repercussion" (Theory)
2. Boards of Canada "Music has the Right to Children" (Skam/Warp)
3. LA Williams "This is a test" (Chisel)
4. Bligh "Island Life" (Human)
5. Moodyman "Black Sunday ..." (Peacefrog)
6. Stephen Brown "Cultural Vibes" (Djax)
7. 6 "Archipelago" (Acetate)
8. Robert Hood "Hoodlum" (Drama)
9. "Nuke DJ Project" (Liquid)
10. Various "Round Sampler 2" (Round)
The Cosmic Crofter

...a few records bought at hokus pokus records in paris
1.db69 -herb+technology(po-4)
2.lsdf - pm-3
3.original network underground - o.n.u.2 zero - 00
5.les boucles etranges - hpr003 - 05+04
7.cluster - dot dash (cluster14)
8.virus - 002
9.battle systems - hardware ep
10.db69 - skunk mix cassette


Metalheadz - Saint Angel
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play rmx)
4 Hero - Universal Love
Remarc - Drum and Bass Wise
Renegade feat Ray Keith - Terrorist
Ed Rush - The Raven
Roni Size - Timestretch
T-Power - Amber
Dillinja - Angels Fell
Cloud 9 - You got me burning
Tek 9 - London Sum'ting
DJ Krust - Jazz Note
Andy C - Cool Down
Run Tings + Liftin Spirits - Come Easy (Ant Miles Remix)
Nookie - Sound of Music
Roger Marston

Thomas Krome - untitled (White Label)
Lochi - "Vote Techno Party" (Routemaster)
Route 04 - untitled (White Label)
Damon Wild - "Band the acid (remixes)" (Missile)
Purpose Maker - "Purpose Maker 02" (Purpose Maker)
Choci + DDR - "Valhalla" (VCF)
The Advent - "Patches" (White Label)
Unknown - EVE 16 (White Label)
LSG - "Hearts" (Superstition)
Geezer - Unknown (White Label)
e-mail: DJ +6

1. Boymerang - "Urban Science"(Prototype) 2. Optical - "To Shape the Future ((Remix)Metalheads)
3. Doc Scott - "Swarm"(Metalheads)
4. Model 500 - "i Wanna be There"((Wax Doctor Remix)R&s)
5. Locust - "Your Selfish Ways"(R&S)
6. Roni Size - "Watching Windows"((Tito Puente Remix)Talkin Loud)
7. Pat Metheny - "No U-Turn"(ECM)
8. Source Direct - "Complexity"(Good Looking)
9. Goldie - "Stonekiller"((Source Direct Remix)Razors Edge/Metalheads)
10. Trace Nico "Damn Son"(No U-Turn)
Joseph Auer

1. Cari Lekebusch Hybrid HP1201+02+03
2. Evtanazija Absense 15
3. Regis Magic trax 2
4. Marco Carola 1008+1009+locomotive
5. Red eye Audio 8
6. Advent Synewave 32+33
7. Co-habits Tortured 7
8. Drumcode 11+12
9. Advent Kombination Phunk
10. JB3 Through the mixer
Also take a look at my site (I work for a Slovenian techno zine; we have charts and photos about well known DJ UMEK and other interesting articles; Westbam, 30min mixtape in RA...
Dj Lens


Light Years - Dillinja
Locusts - Ed Rush and Fierce
Still - Boymerang
Not Ready - Storm Trooper
Love,Peace and Unity - DJ Hype
Warhead - Krust
Piper - Jonny L (Grooverider mix)
Brown Paper Bag - Roni Size
Silvar Blade - Dillinja
Violent Killer - Dillinja
DJ !

U96- Club Bizarre
RMB- Break the silence
Kosmonova- Ayla
Space Frog- Lost in Space
C-Block- Summertime
Prodigy- No Good
Marusha- It takes me away
Celvin Rotane- Theme from Magnum
Kosmonova- Take me away
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo- Stars

DDR/The Geezer - Mad Cows on acid (remixes SRX01)
Jon the Dentist - Global Phases (KULT013)
Eve - The remixes (of Eve 13 & 9)
Ironik - Slave/The Unexpected (TEC)
Crashforce - Energize (TIDE 012)
Wippenberg - Nuerodance (KULT 010)
Baron Felch - Acilod (SMT 15)
Repeater - Point Blank "Total Fucking Havok remix" (HAVE 02)
Lab 4 - Tranceformation (POD 26)
Don't Know (Brain 8)
Manchester Techno Freak


Greetings from Barbados. There is no techno here. I am slowly losing my mind to the ravages of rave withdrawal. As you can see, most of these tracks were old news just two days prior to the dawn of recorded time. Anyway, here they are for whomsoever may care (in no particular order, except that Trip II The Moon is the wickedest track I have ever had the good fortune to experience.)
Trip II The Moon (I & II)- Acen
Atmosfear - Twinn Bass
Breathe - The Prodigy
Bass 1999 - K90
Incredible General - M People Feat. General
Funky Shit - The Prodigy
Get Into Life - Joey Beltram
A Trip To Trumpton - Urban Hype
Sesame's Treet - Smart E's
You and Me - Ruff Rider
ZokkA Number Won

Spring Heeled Jack & Doc Scott - Hale Bot
roni Size -Newforms LP (Talkin' loud)
DJ Krust-Future Unkown (Talkin'Loud)
4-Hero Loveless (Talkin'Loud)
4 hero and Chris Bowden (Universal)
Sun Ra - Space is the Place (Universal)
Speedy J - In-formation (R&S)
Adam F -Metropolis (Metal Heads)
Boymerang - (Prototype)
Hardcore/Jungle Tapes/Pirates 1991-1995
Mighty respect for all those who help to engineer the sound of UK underground. B-Boyz keeping it true the raw sounds. Looking back to look forward to all Party People All ya get foonky ! Peace.
Andy Greenman
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