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Urban75 takes a look around the latest onslaught of glossy (ahem) "lifestyle" magazines and smells the same old corporate shit...
(Note: this was written back in 1996, but we think the issues remain as relevant today as then...)

Another new 'style' magazine..........another glossy oversized magazine to leave on your coffee table that says you're in tune with the style and the buzz on the street - flick past the pretty girl on the cover (pretty girls sell more magazines) and thumb your way through the shiny paper inside - there's lots of full page advertisements that look like they're for an underground rave or something but they're just trying to flog you a can of fizzy drink or some bollocks 'lifestyle' choice...

have you noticed how every single new mag has exactly the same adverts inside and they're usually better than the mag itself? - the advertisers are getting hip and using our language and graphics to sell us what we don't need - look at all the clever adverts designed to coax us into thinking they're on our side but their concern ends at the cash till - they'll pretend to be whatever you want - just so long as you buy into their make believe world...


they're buying up talent like real estate just to shift some vacuous product that no one cares about - look for some substance amongst all the gloss but it's all the same lightweight nonsense - whenever these magazines find something new they rush to blow it out of all proportion in a desperate bid to gain street credibility, smothering it to death in the process.

have you noticed how some of them look like they've been cut-n-pasted fanzine-style in an attempt to make them look like they're coming from the street but look closer and you'll see the logo of a big publishing house in there somewhere that's busy kow-towing to their advertising accounts -

they'll pretend to be controversial but will always play it safe if there's the remotest chance of upsetting their precious advertisers - the whole industry is a con run by dull, dull advertising execs and the big publishing houses who would write about anything if they thought there was a few quid in it...


it's sad watching fresh talent getting sucked up into the publishing vortex and emerging toothless and toeing the corporate line - why don't they write about stuff that's really happening? these mags are supposed to be representing our culture but why are they full of American adverts trying to sell us their style?

Britain has got the best street culture in the world - there's things happening out here that deserve better than to be glossed up and sold like a commodity - who cares about shoes that cost 200 quid?- who cares about the big-buck rip-off rave clubs that buy themselves glowing reviews by flexing their advertising budgets?

Why don't they stand for something? - why don't they use their influence to change things for the better? why don't they give something back instead of standing on the sidelines and stealing the ideas- I saw a fashion spread about "new age" lifestyle with clothes costing hundreds of pounds and couldn't believe they'd missed the point completely - eco-warriors are living in trees and fighting for their beliefs and all they could see was a new autumn collection - what the fuck's a "lifestyle" anyhow?


we deserve better- WE CAN DO BETTER- make your own fanzine- make a film - form a band, whatever - express yourself now- question what you're buying - question why they're writing this stuff- is it from the heart or from the head?

there's too many people getting fat out of our ideas- don't give them up too easily - everyone needs some cash to live but is selling out your own culture worth the price?- Your own ideas are priceless- don't let them put words in your mouth- do it yourself- you've got something to say - don't let them say it for you because it won't sound the same- it's an exciting time to be alive- Britain's waking up-it's a new day - don't be seduced by the bright colours -
you can shine even brighter.....

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