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Awards? Pah! - we've got loads of them!

Trouble is, we've never heard of half these places, so they don't really mean a lot. And seeing as we've lost some of the addresses for the awards, I guess we'll never know where they came from either.

Here's a selection. Some are quite pretty to look at. But not all of them.

BuD UgllY SitE oF the DAy sort of looks like a target doesn't it? yell award. with a propeller. or something
Macromedia shockwave cruel whotsit fling. nice logo. shame we lost their address.
honoured by microsoft! something to do with bees. Bzzzzztttt! freelance ink. you should have seen the size of the orginal graphic. blimey!
harsh. logo looks like a nice beermat Gecko thingy internet cool site of the day
award from someone-or-anther G.O.D. hotsite. bit of a crap logo ultimate thingy
something to do with chickens Smirnoff. But they didn't give us any free vodka. The bastards. magazine award
shit. we lost this address too! NetGuide. It looks like a nice sweet, doesn't it? sorry bottom award or something
hey- this one's easy as it comes with the web address. Smart move guys! Hey! We survived a UK-2 K3wl! What a DOOD! We like it!
We got another one! I like this one. Sorta looks like a it should spin or something. It doesn't. wooargh! this one's kinda spooky..... SiteInspector Approved
USA TODAY - Woaargh! It's on fire!

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