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History of Football disasters
from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign

The following record of Football related Disasters is a chilling reminder of the price ordinary supporters have paid to watch a game of football. After each disaster we are told "It will never happen again" but history shows us that this is never the reality.

1902Ibrox, Glasgow 26 500Stand collapsed.
1914    Hillsborough, Sheffield - 75Wall collapsed.
1946Bolton 33 400Wall collapsed.
1961Santiago, Chile 5 35 ?
1961Ibrox 3 35Stand collapsed.
1964Lima, Peru 318 500Police fired - panic.
1968Argentina 74 150Stadium fire.
1968Tripoli 30 120Police fired - panic.
1971Ibrox 69 100Stairway crush.
1972Wolverhampton - 80Barrier collapsed.
1974Turkey 44 600Platform collapsed.
1975Moscow 20 ?Light failed - panic.
1976Haiti 6 ?Police fired - panic.
1978Orient, London - 30Barrier collapsed.
1979Cairo 48 -Wall collapsed.
1979Indonesia 12 ?Panic and crush.
1981Middlesborough 2 -Pillar collapsed.
1981Columbia 17 15Stand collapsed.
1981Greece 21 54Stairway collapsed.
1982Columbia 24 50Crowd crush
1982Algiers 8 600Stand collapsed.
1982Moscow 69 ?Barrier broke.
1982Brazil 3 25Police fired - panic.
1985Birmingham 1 20Wall collapsed.
1985Mexico 10 74Crowd crush.
1985Heysel, Belgium 39 240Wall collapsed.
1985Holland 50 ??
1985Bradford 56 200Stand fire.
1988Katmandu 71 200Locked gate - crush.
1989Hillsborough 96 400Crowd crush.

Hillsborough Justice Campaign. 134, Oakfield Road, Anfield Liverpool L4 0UG. Tel/Fax: (0151) 260 5262.

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