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Circle Line Tube Party, London, Friday 14th March 2003
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Circle Line Tube Party, London
Free party on the London Underground! Friday 14th March 2003

I first heard about this on Urban75, where someone posted up about a mad idea to 'hijack' a tube tube and turn it into a mobile party.

Although for many revellers, the word 'party' is motivation enough, there was a more highbrow reason for the party - and that was all about changing people's perception about tube travelling and showing how the space could be used in an alternative way.

Because the event wasn't exactly fully legal, some undercover tactics were needed. Dad (or Robin as he insisted on being called) reminded everybody that the party was a 'spontaneous happening' and if anybody asked who organised it, no one was to look at him.

Balloons on the Circle Line
Balloons on the Circle Line!

Partygoers were to walk to Liverpool Street in single file - a tricky task when there was up to six hundred of them, all with party outfits disguised under sober suits and overcoats.

Waiting on the platform, several over enthusiastic party goers had to be restrained from boarding an earlier Metropolitan line, with the platform ringing out to shouts of, "Not this one, Not this one!".


Once on the train the dull interior was quickly transformed with lighting effects, balloons and posters over the ads. Drinks and food were freely shared with all (though I think more of it was spilt on commuters and revellers).

Cider provider, Circle Line party, London
The Cider Provider

As soon as the train left the station, coats were taken off, suits were removed and the party costumes came out, with daft outfits and bright red wigs in abundance.

'Tequila Dave' undid his laptop case and hauled out a tequila bottle, lime, chopping board, salt and tequila glasses which were promptly dispatched. 'Cider Man' needed assistance refilling his 'IV' bag every so often with cider, but more than earned his title of 'Cider Provider'.

Bemused commuters found themselves in the midst of a party with most joining in with the spirit of the occasion, chatting to party goers, sharing drinks and food. As commuters left, people were wishing them well and cheering them on as if they had known them for years and not just two stops on the underground.

The party atmosphere continued throughout the journey, all the mess was cleared up and most agreed the evening was a success - and hoping it wouldn't be another four years until the next one!

Report and photos by Craig (Zen_Guerrilla)


Packed party tube
The party in full flow


"woohoo it was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!!!
250 to 300 people I reckon; we took over 4 carriages I think. The police got a bit shirty after one and a half loops and they stopped the train and made everyone get off at Moorgate - one stop short of 2 full loops! It was possibly one of the most bizarre things i've done since moving to London, but it was definitely FUN FUN FUN!"

"That was fandabbydosie!!Wooooooo hoooooooo!
I managed to nearly go round twice, got off at Baker St, when there was lots of police and things. I spoke to some LU staff who were sutibly impressed with the party and one said that it should definatly happen more often."

"This was fucking amazing!!!!!!
Apart from smacking my head into a hand rail it was brilliant!! One of the wierdest parties i've been too... SH are saying there 600 people there.... When the train was terminated at Moorgate the samba band samba'd us all out of the station and you could tell the LU staff were loving it just by the smiles on their faces ... "

Tube train customisation!
Tube train customisation!

Seriously, had one of my best nights out here. Ever.
Was in the last carriage with the rest of the samba crew - we'd brought our toys and loads of extras for peeps to play with - the place was rockin' à la Stomp...

Was totally surreal at times - though think the naked dancing might have had a part to play in that. Loads of party decorations, posters, glitter-balls... I even wore some deely boppers, haha. They had flashing love hearts on the top, which apparently made me look 'cute.'

Naked reveller, Circle Line tube party
Oooh-errr. Naked reveler, Circle Line tube party

The normal peeps using the train were interesting - some didn't want anything to do with it, but most were - if slightly bemused - happy to join in. I'm not sure whether them being offered refreshments as soon as they got on had something to do with this, mind...

The LU peeps loved it, and even the cops who came down to our carriage couldn't help but smile - they were pretty cool with us actually, said they didn't have a problem with the party, but just take down some of the decorations from the lights, which was fair enough. Definitely think this should be a more regular occurrence - Reclaim the Tubes!!!"

"Yeah, that was excellent.
Definitely one of the best, funniest parties I've been to in London. The most hilarious thing was watching random commuters get caught up in it and really enjoy themselves...and seeing the disbelieving looks from people on the other platforms... I've got a feeling future journeys on the tube aren't going to feel quite the same for a while."

That party had what must have been the best vibe I've ever come across, no angst at all - amazing..."


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