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Job Seekers Allowance Survival Guide
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key points

We have reproduced this guide so people can deal with the changes at the dole office under the J.S.A. The J.S.A. isn't about helping anyone get a job. It's about hassling people off the dole into low paid work by making it tougher to sign on.

On paper the potential hassles can feel intimidating. In practice the situation will vary from area to area and we don't know how strictly they'll enforce their new powers. The dole office are acutely understaffed and overworked and it is likely you won't have to face many of the hassles mentioned here. It's a case of being forewarned and so forearmed about what they can officially dish out.

To get beyond having to deal with this as individuals, it is our experience that linking up is key. So we'd suggest reading this information, sharing it round and organising with other people. The contact group can put you in touch with claimants groups all over the UK.

Don't let employment service staff see you with this guide!


KEY POINTS (full details later)

If you leave your job, avoid being classed as voluntarily unemployed, sort it out before you leave work and sign on.

You need to say you are available to start full time work (at least 40 hours a week) immediately, unless you're a carer or do voluntary work.

Under the J.S.A. you have to agree to sign a contract, the Job Seekers' Agreement. Don't agree to something that you're not prepared to do - it will only cause you problems later on.

Have your signing card and proof of "job seeking" with you when you sign on. Try not to be late unless you've got a good reason or have told them in advance.

You have to show you are Actively Seeking Work. Two job seeking steps a week is the minimum legal requirement. Remember lots of things count as job seeking.

You might be instructed to carry out a specific job seeking activity by means of a Job Seekers Direction, so know your rights.

You might be forced to apply for jobs by a Direction or a Notified Vacancy but that doesn't mean you have to get the job. Stay in control of your own "job seeking". Don't let the bastards get you down - stuff their law. RESIST! 


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