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Europe rock out. Birds and animals flee
Europe. Indescribably bad.

Europe! live! aargh!
The band, er, 'rock out'.
my rock hell!

The Final Countdown

Still, if I thought that was bad, worse was to come: Europe - they of the truly preposterous pomp rock stadium rattler, 'The Final Countdown'.

A sea of mullets went mad as Joey's face grew redder and redder as he struggled to inject melody into some stunningly turgid offerings. The rest of the band battled manfully with their outstanding mediocrity while I wished I was elsewhere.

Thankfully, my memory has managed to forget almost every other detail about the band, although I recall heading straight to the bar afterwards and perhaps drinking a little too enthusiastically.

By now things were getting dark and the metal crowd were growing impatient for their dose of JOVI METAAAAL!.

As the assembled pros strapped on flash units that would safely illuminate the Sea of Tranquillity, my flashgun seemed to be shrinking in my hands. This was going to be no fun...

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