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Vixen pose. Badly.
The 'chix' get ready to rock Milton Keynes Bowl.
lead bimbo from Vixen
This noise from Vixen had household pets howling all afternoon.
my rock hell!


Suitably depressed after Skid Row, I skulked around backstage, admiring the leather clad rockers doing their thang.

Hairy chests, bouffant hair and studded belts were all the rage, and I felt hopelessly out of place. Heck, I'll be the first to admit to liking some rock, but this was more Rock than I could handle!

It wasn't long before I was being summoned for the next musical treat - Vixen! The Rock Babes! The Wild Metal Chix!

At the all-important backstage photo opportunity they did their best to out-whoop and out-cliché Skid Row before tottering onstage to deliver a caterwauling cacophony of devastating banality.

Kitted out in some nightmarish vision of Californian rock, these air-brushed bimbos of toytown metal delivered the most dire and vacuous racket. It seemed to go on for an eternity.

They were so bad I actually got to feel embarrassed at being on the same stage as them and couldn't wait to retire to a safe distance. But I'm sure they're really lovely people.

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