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wooah! hard rockin' muthafuckaaas Skid Row

Ghastly rockers, Skid Row give it large in the pre-gig strut arena.

the obligatory 'girl in crowd' shot
the obligatory 'girl in crowd' shot
my rock hell!

Let The Rock Begin!

Despite my woeful technical deficiencies, I resolved to make the best of it and tagged along with the pros. First stop was the ghastly pre-gig 'photo opportunity' where the band preen and 'give it large' for the benefit of the press before going onstage.

The idea is that you scream, shout and beg for the band to gaze into your lens, but to be frank, I hadn't the slightest interest seeing the likes of Skid Row through my viewfinder. I was far more interested in taking some arty shots of the crowd and the strange characters wandering around, but I guess that wasn't what I was being paid for

After five minutes of dull posing and much cries of "RACK'N'ROOOOLL!" from the band, they strutted off for the stage, whooping in a manful, rock'n'roll manner, before 'unleashing' their turgid brand of rock on the sea of denim in the crowd.

As is apparently the custom at these kind of gigs, the photographers (around 15 of us) were then trooped onstage to a lower viewing platform and given our chance to catch the axe-wielding, high pitch screamin' action. So far so good: lighting just fine, enough space to grab a few shots and after ten minutes I felt confident that perhaps things weren't going to be so bad after all.

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