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my feeble camera collection

Sadly, neither my camera, my interest level nor my talent were enough for the upcoming task.
metal crowd


my rock hell!

Equipment woes

Sadly, this photographic idyll was soon to be shattered when I was asked to go to Milton Keynes Bowl (capacity 125,000 people) to photograph some hideous rock concert. Seeing as my only previous experience of photographing a live band was at the diminutive Rock Garden in London (capacity 100 people) , I suspected that I might be more than a tad under-equipped for the job.

I assembled what I thought to be a capable bag of camera equipment - two Olympus camera bodies, a selection of reasonably fast lenses and a big flash with an off camera pack - and lugged the lot up to the wastelands of Milton Keynes.

After getting past a host of startlingly excitable fans who were positively desperate to get backstage to meet their rock'n'roll heroes, I flashed my selection of laminates past a myriad of border controls and finally made it into the backstage area. Here, much big hair was in attendance, along with lots of rock'n'roll types, donning daft sunglasses and stick insect blondes on their arm.

Despite a strong desire to head straight home, I managed to track down the professional photographers there, all of whom were extremely rude (I guess they didn't like this scruffy new bloke on their patch) and did their best to make things difficult for me.

By now, I already knew that this was not going to be A Good Day - one quick glance at their enormous equipment bags stuffed full with extremely expensive lenses and lighthouse-threatening flash units told me that I was way out of my depth and these guys weren't likely to help.

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