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Beautiful South
Top chaps, The Beautiful South, taken after a lovely afternoon spent with them in the pub. If only all bands were like this.

Beautiful South
my rock hell!

The Good Times

Taking pictures of the band you're in is no easy task - I had to get a chum to stand in for me when I composed the shot and then swap places at the last minute.

Needless to say, most of the people I roped in as camera clickers knew next to nothing about photography and always fired off technical questions just before clicking the shutter - consigning me to a gormless open mouth and quizzical expression in many of the shots.

Some of these photos got published in the music press and a few friends in bands asked me to do their photos too, and before I knew it I was being asked to photograph London-based musicians for a major European pop magazine!

The first few jobs went well and I really enjoyed myself, although it was really frustrating having to send films to the magazine directly - I couldn't lose the dodgy ones or learn from my mistakes.

I got to meet ..erů 'stars' such as the bloke from the Fine Young Cannibals (arrogant arse), the pleasantly forgettable Curiosity Killed the Cat, the terrifyingly professional Sonia and, best of all, the Beautiful South who were by far and away the most decent of the lot. I met them when they were filming a video and they took me to the pub, bought me lunch and then ran through their song several times just for my benefit. Diamond geezers, the lot of them.

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