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Indie/dance popsters, Melt. I'm lurking right at the back trying to look cool inbetween bellowing instructions to the photographer.
my rock hell!

The Early Years

At first it seemed like a dream job for an aspiring photographer like myself - taking pictures of pop stars and earning enough to keep me supplied with beers for weeks. Fantastic!

At the time, I was struggling along in my own band, doing all the usual stuff to try and get noticed. Our management company had hired in some professional photographers in an attempt to make us look all groovy and happening.

Like many music photographers, they seem to draw from a limited creative palette: either it's a load of moody blokes lurking down dingy backstreets looking mean and/or oblique, or it's a hideous studio extravaganza, with lots of make up slapped over the unwitting musicians and much use of wholly inappropriate props.

After several disappointing sessions, someone in the band who was, I guess, equally fed up with lurking in backstreets, suggested I have a go.

And thus my short-lived rock photographic career was born.

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