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dirty stop out

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Dirty Stop-out

7am, Chris Tarrant, switch him off, stupid and arrogant, cup of tea? one sugar please, what's your name? only joking, (wasn't really), think it was Kate, or was it more trendy? late night, it's only Wednesday, wish it was Saturday, great night, great quilt, better than mine, like the view, nice tits, felt good, where do you work? that's right you told me, must have been drunk, she's quite pretty, while she's showering, open a drawer, lots of black undies, like to look more, water's stopped, towelling hair, asks me my plans, what does she care? oh, plans for the morning, got to be somewhere, what's the rush, she's off to work, late for the bus, I said it was great, she said it was nice, do it again? not enough time, watch her dressing, preferred her last night, business suit, M&S tights, piece of toast, crumbs in the bed, she isn't eating, it's getting late, wants me to go, got to get dressed, lost a sock, hair's a mess, wallet is empty, offers a tenner, I borrow a fiver, promise to repay her, end of the road, she's going left, I'm going home, say our goodbyes, nice to meet you, call her Kate, she says it's Stephie, I'll give you a call, (well, maybe...)

© C Watney 1998

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