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He said
"I so hope to god you're wrong about this."
"I hope to god you're wrong,
and I hope to god I'm right"

you gotta feel for the bit characters
in all the great epics
the characters who are slaughtered
to make a thematic point more obvious
these writers are fuckn butchers
all those walk-on poor bastards
run through with bayonets
cos the paying public
are too stupid to get the point
the first time round

I so hope to god you're wrong about this
And I hope this isn't my final line

And maybe it's a good thing that you move on
Maybe its good
To give up a life for the work

To pick up his pieces
Where you left them
Just sweep them under the welcome rug
And invite in next month's
Guinea pig.

Copyright Craig McDougall 1998

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