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We here at urban75 made it very clear that we are not impressed with idiots who mail us bigotted, racist, sexist or homophobic abuse, and we warned them that if they continued we'd be launching a new page just for them. Well, here it is. Welcome to the Fuckwit Gallery where you can read some of the rubbish we have to put up with. We thought you might like to pop them a line so we've thoughtfully included their full email address. Feel free to drop them a large note... (all posts are unedited)

Steve Burns
because he's on a kids show because he's a gay homo because he live's in a cartoon his dog is gay he has fantasys with his dog he needs a gay homo dog to make himself popular with the little kids he needs a thinking chair and he needs a drawing class he suxs dick

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson is gay, and lesbian. Hell, he's a fucking bisexual and he sets bad examples for teens, like worship the devil, wear wigs , become a bisexual,HELL, JUST PUT HIS FUCKING FACE ONLINE, BECAUSE I WANT TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!!!!
Ga Na/,


gays & lessbions
i hate when i walk down the street and see a guy kissing another guy it just disturbs me! CAN`T THEY GET A ROOM!?!?!?!?!? AND KEEP AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS! my next door neighbours are gay and they aren`t afraid to show it it is JUST GROSS!!!!!! penta

It's me again if you didn't get my first letter you should read this you suck you bunch of bastards, your mom is a homosexaul. buy bitch

Leonadrdo diCaprio
He is a fucking gay wade. All he wants to do is fuck boys and his dad. I would like to cut his weiner offfff! IF HE HAS ONE! Then he can't fuck his dad or his dog or coutch!!!! What's with the new hair cut? are you trying to attract homeless sexuals or what? He is the worst fucking actress and I am glad he died in Titanic.

All the americans
Why?!! Because when you think you are the superior race in the universe and invade all the countrys with such craps as Mc donalds, Hanson and will smith movies you can't be really sane. I also hope, one day all the other countrys will realize that the states are eating us and trying to control our life. So to all the americans you bastards can go and kiss my ass in hell... And YES I will answer all your fuckings e-mails.


puff daddy
puff daddy is a stupid nigger who thinks he's all that,when the only reason he's big now is because his fat nigger friend died so get the fuck over it and lets smack the hell out of puff daddy
camille jorgensen

your mama
she is a ugly, fat ass, whore! Joey "I kick ass" Mills

you guys are so against swearing then what the fuck does ronald mcd say Ill tell you "FUCK OW" (FUCKING PRICKS)
(editor replies: 1. we've never stated that we're against swearing, 2. Ronald says "McOw!")

They make me want to vomit. The littlest one called up my dad and pretended he was a girl and my dad sleept with him. Found out he was a boy Yurned gay and left my family. joey Svedas/

The Hansons
John: I hate those three little bitches. They make me wanna shit in my underwear. I think the hansons are motherfuckin, dick-suckin, no ball homos!!! And I want to kick their gay little asses!!!
Ray: I hate their fuckin asses!!! I want to tear off their shrimpy heads and shove them in their ass (their ass, their face, what's the difference?).
Joey: Hanson are little butt-fucks from Kansas or wherever the hell they live!!! I would like to see them burn in hell for what they've done to music!!! I should call Duke Nukem on their ass so he could fry their faggotty-shit asses!!! Oh yeah, they're bull-shitting drag queens!!!
P.s. I don't give a shit if you put this on the Fuckwit Gallery, you can shove it where the sun don't shine (your dick).
(Happy to oblige!: Editor)

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(Important legal disclaimer: all opinions stated are those of the individual authors and have been reproduced as recieved.)

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