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caption competition

Welcome to the archive
These are the best efforts we got. Some aren't that bad either...


"Oh Maggie I wished I'd never seen you faaace !!!" Val

"Look at my new toy Norma !!!" Adam Griffiths

"Radiant John Major accepts the Adam Smith Institute Peace Prize on behalf of ex-Presidant Suharto, who has had to stay home to spend more time with his money." tim


I've been told this is the way Bill Clinton gets interest from women in his office.
Heather MacD.

"John Major begins training for his new position as Trafalgar Square's Pigeon Control Officer."
Deacon Maccubbin

"Yes Maggie, today I am a man!"
Bill Bergren

"No draft dodging world leaders here!"
David Pincus

"OK,who stole my pants?"

"die, hanson, die!!!!!!! "
chris alexander ralex@juno

"If you want a job done right, you just have to do it yourself.Which way is Iraq anyway?"
Linda Bartoli


"I bet that if I hold this gun long enough some knob will use the pic for a caption competition"

"So President Yeltsin said to me, "John, when those left-wingers barricade themselves inside your Parliament building you gotta do what I did -- get yourself some damn fine guns and tanks. Like this one: AK-47, thirty-round clip, single-shot or full-auto, even a conscript can't go wrong. It's the dog's bollocks. To you, old son, a hundred dollars apiece. Hard currency, no questions asked." I was not inconsiderably impressed. We're going back for the T-80s this very weekend, as soon as Norma can find her cheque book"
Rich Woods

"Don't you dare take one more step towards my house Tony !"

"If I hear the phrase "Tory wanker" *one* *more* *time*..".
T. S. Woodward


"For the last time, I do NOT sound like Mr. Bean!"
Nate Patrin

"Well, anyone got a better ideas? I've run out of political creativity"

"Norma, I said "No more peas!"
Adam Johnson

"one last time. Please get off my lawn."
Shannon Harkins


"How do you play this thing?"

John Major shows Norma his new Weapon
colin gunn

"Must....kill....Tony...." e-mail

"You lookin at ME? Oh dear....." Duncan Hall

"Are we having this TV debate or what?"
Ian Stewart

" Can I hit a Spice Girl with this?" .
john smith

"I AM tougher than Maggie............ Really"!
Dan Novak

"Any third world countries out there wanna buy a gun?"
Stew e-mail

"My hands are NOT brandishing an assault rifle - that's a gross distortion of the facts by the left-wing BBC. In fact, and in not inconsiderable real terms, it is a fluffy, privatised bunny rabbit."
Nick Mailer

"C'mon, it's a great gift!" The John Major Assault Rifle tm. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.
George Evans

"THIS WILL get unemployment Down!"
the hooded claw.


"PM John Major is seen here sporting the latest in spring clothing accesories. With his semi- automatic he is sure to make waves whether he's debating a bill, of just walking down the street."
Justin Ferguson

"Vote Conservative, and you too can live in the free world!"
Keira Dempsey

"This is better! Why bother with the 'shop a benefit cheat' phoneline when we can have the much more fun 'shoot a benefit cheat' phoneline instead."
Dave Sarus@Sarus.Sonnet.Co.Uk

Madame Speaker, if the honourable leader of the opposition wishes to step outside for a free and frank exchange of views, I'm sure that we can settle this disagreement without further delay...

..and introducing new legislation designed to assist honest roadbuilders in gently persuading protestors to move along.
Dave Wright.

"Don't call me grey.Alright."

Here's Johnny!

"trust me, i'm a politician, aaaahhh ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa heh heh heh (dribble)"
martin frost

So what end should i shove up my arse?
Neill Hope


Bastards. If you want me out of No.10 you'll have to bring me out in a box. Yeeehah! (as heard on 2nd MAY 1997)

The new Chelsea marksman has a familiar look about him, what do you think Trevor ?
Dave "Rumblefish" Colbran

Norma ... Daddy's Home.

"This'll secure the majority!!!"

"So if we can't sell landmines any more how about these?"

"If I not gonna have a job in the summer - perhaps I could start up a new cadets group - Ken, Michael, Douglas... d'you wanna be in my new club?"

"New age travellers. Not in this age. Not in any age..."

>> Now let me at Tony Blair!
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