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Top page guys, it's stuff like this that makes my time in prison for dealing drugs to kids so they can die a horrible death after truly screwing their lives up worthwhile.Get fucked the lot of you.

As with a couple other people, I arrived here slapping Spice Girls (134! Is that an okay score?) I have done acid once, and though from what I've heard, it probably wasn't the greatest trip, I still enjoyed it. It's a thrill no less real and legitimate than riding a roller coaster. There's a lot of stupid anti-drug propaganda going on here in the states, mostly, it looks fancy and says nothing. People have a horrible fear of drugs without really knowing anything about them. On a related note, if other drugs were legal, like tobacco and alcohol are, the government wouldn't have to spend so much time and money on the 'war' against them, and could benefit from the taxes. People should be responsible for their own actions, instead of walking around like stupid sheep in a pasture, waiting for the government to tell them what's right and wrong. And if people can't handle that kind of responsibility, and abuse drugs, it's their problem; they're Thanks for letting me vent... I think this is a really good and informative website. I learned quite a bit. Thank you... And to those of you who still insist drugs and drug users are so bad: Fuck off. Live your own life, instead of wasting your breath trying to control ours.
Nightlyre e-mail (withheld)

Hey this page is really great, it tells people (like me) that want to know about drugs, what they really want to know, not all that jargon crap that doctors give everyone that doesnt even sound like english! thanks again


I really enjoyed your drug information section. You do do a service by listing health affects and good common sense advice regarding letting others know what you are on. What I would like to see added would be that people with certian medical conditions, such as asthma, and be particularly cautious and do further research and seek competent medical advice. BTW more than half or all lethal overdoses of all drugs are to people with some degree of asthma. Thank you.

First of all congrats on a great page, and to all the self-righteous non-drug-using people sending messages, remember, your decision not to ingest substances is yours, and anyone else's decision TO ingest substances is entirely theirs. Your messages come across as just a LITTLE bit aggressive and defensive, which suggests to me that you are not entirely happy with your decision. Perhaps you are curious and interested as to what you are missing out on, but subsribe all to readily to the mighty superego. Live a little, and let live. Peace.
Ian Hard

I just wanted to say that when it comes to info on drugs urban has high times beat..

Thank you so much for the information on all of the interesting drugs. I'm glad that you wrote about this, because I now know what I want to do in my spare time. Your articles also tell us how to take the drugs and also tells about the possible effects and damages that go along with certain types. Thanks again, you have enlightened my day!! Sincerely yours,
Jessica and Holli

Great Page, very informative, wish it was around when I was a drug-E. Hopefully one day kids or any one else can use these experiences in a helpful manner and ultimately get their highs mentally without popping pills. Electronic music is so much better when you know what the hell is going on around you. Jeff Gombala

Hey hey hey your page on drugs is great. Its a better way to teach kids about the effects and usage then the famous US 'Just Say No' which does no good. I do drugs myself...and I learned some things that i didn't know before...well that the states refuse to teach..'thats why I'm reading here. Well...keep up the great work Ambre Hickman

Hi.. Just thought i would drop you people a line to say the drugs information pages are excellent. Even for, say people like me, who have tried some stuff, it is good to see somewhere you can get good down to earth information on the shit you are taking! Anyway, thanks again!

Just wanted to commend the folks producing this info and making it public. I just hope, really hope, that the people who really should be reading it, do. Remember the worst thing in life is to be reliant on anything - person or drug alike - it just doesn't say much for yourself after a while. just think what you want for you. it is all about a choice i know, but i can't help but care what others are doing. for kix please kids who don't know much. let it just be that. great page!


This is pretty interesting. I do not do drugs myself on a regular basis, just smoke pot every once in a while but I do believe that pot should be legal!! How many times do you hear of people being drunk and killing others and not even remembering compared to people smoking pot and killing?? I have never heard of it. Alcohol should be illegal, not pot. Lissa

brilliant pages on drugs, I learnt something-and I thought I knew everything(only joking). No, seriously, I really hope people going to clubs, or somewhere else, and trying drugs for the first time, have read these pages first. I wish i'd read them when i was 14 (2 yrs ago,and I'm still at it) and I live in the 'backwoods' of Devon so I can imagine 'citykids' needing to read them more than me - I hope they do. But a totally excellent job, funny and all. Keep it up.....please.(!!!) liz 'bibba' crawshaw

Your drug page was the most straight-up form of info on drugs i've ever been told. It had the perfect combo. It wasn't enticing people to drugs and adequately told the dangers but it wasn't totally oblivious to fact that people do shoot up, get stoked and yearn for that unmatchable high. cleo

I love your site . But I HIGHLY recommend that you let people know that if they are having a bad ACID TRIP, the best and most efficient way to calm them down (other than being a good friend) is to give them 2000 milligrams of NIACIN. You can find NIACIN (vitamin B3, I think) at any pharmacy or large grocery store . It takes you down from a trip within 20 minutes. I speak from experience, but for anyone who doesn't believe me , I urge that they do the research themselves. By the way , I hope NOBODY needs any NIACIN and EVERYBODY has truly GREAT and THRILLING and ILLUMINATING experiences on good, clean LSD ! Jeffrey Peyton


Excellent site and glad to see some bullshit free drugs info. I hallucinated off this really strong skunk more than once and it's bloody great. Good site. Keep it here Denney

Thanks a lot for an honest page. It's refreshing to see someone look at drugs in depth. All we hear in the US is to "just say no," which is a dumb way to approach just about anything in life. Jeri Behrman

My God!! The perfect description of me!! I quote "An unbearable, spaced out, lazy hippy." and "a giggling oath who will burst into laughter at wholly unamusing incidents" It was a very good internet page. Billy Queen

Very informative, I came onto your pages slapping spice girls, and now I've learnt a lot with some very informative pieces of information. they are very well presented, and because it's not from the NHS it's not boring. You've got the perfect amount of seriouseness and factual information with enough humour to make it readable. Absolutely brilliant, Big up your chests. Matt

I would like to inform you about a cactus, called san pedro, usually found in South America (wilacabamba, Equador for example). It comes as a liquid . the most disgusting taste, smell & looks in the world. after drinking it most people puke. (it takes 20 - 60 min ) after 1 hour from drinking the world becomes nicer, happier etc. the trip lasts between 6 - 12 hours (depends in the amount ). the state of mind of the person who drinking it makes the trip good or bad. if the person get scared they could develop paranoia. basically it puts you in wonderland for a few hours.
mail please to


This page is absolutely brilliant; it's helped me loads with my university dissertation. It's info like this that we all need to live long and healthily!

I have to say that this is the most informative site I have yet to run across....amazing how I get here from reading in Rolling Stone about Slapping Spice Girls. Kudos on the straight talk about drugs. Much easier to read than health department flyers.
Canned_ham e-mailwithheld

your drug page truly kicks ass! it's very witty and informative and like everyone else has said, a hell of a lot better than what you usually hear. party on, sweetie darlings!
tha gEnIuS

First off I miss the European Rave scene, Second BEWARE "GREEN TEA"! (Spliff made into tea) for skinny people like me it is very risky, side effects include mass hallucinations and weepyness plus blubbering. Confessing your love to your crush is also common.;) Great page!
Zema e-mailFera

As an old hippy of 48 I found your drugs pages more than interesting and would have loved to have had this info back in the late 60`s,early 70`s. I had my highs and lows on acid and smoke but these day`s have found other methods of getting and staying high. There can not be anything better than mind expansion but please be careful. Take heed of what`s written in this excellent forum and one day hopefully you will get there without the need of any drug. Have Fun
Kevin Hart

Why not just stop taking drugs ?, and try living in the real world for a while. This would involve no risk, no breaking the law and you could stop listening to 'dance' music , selling your bodies in toilets for drug money and mugging old ladies. You would also realise when sober how boring you people actually are, 'oh drugs man, im into drugs its so cool, im off my head man' et al.
Kevin Eschew


Very, very cool that there's a forum for drugs out there! They say that ignorance is bliss, but the truth is that it leads to a lot of stupid mistakes. The fact that governments are inhibiting drug-related research is sickening, and just shows that they would rather keep everyone in the dark than actually contribute to the health & welfare of their citizens. Keep up the good work!
Joe McGaha

Like everyone eLSe I'd like to commend you on this excellent page. I only wish it could reach more people. I belive in the freedom to do what you want with your life, and everyone has their own choice but I think if the true facts like this could get out to our generation many kids would know what their getting into and perhaps think twice about it.
Lindsey B.

Sound info, no where else tells it like it really is + I feel a lot safer now thanks. Funky mag....keep printing it.

good to see a sensible debate on an age old subject going on... some of the best graphic design i have seen on the net...and i should know..;-)

Great, unbiased information. That is so rare these days. If they (the authorities) provided drug users with the sort of information that you do (how to use drugs SAFELY instead of simply Don't Use Drugs). After all, what gives some pompous, fistup his arse Politician the right to tell me what I can do with my free time? And I agree with Maxine: drugs certainly cheaper in Britain instead of Australia.

Hello! This page is tops if you want to find more information on drugs and you don't want any fuckin' wanker politicians to tell you what's right and what's wrong. This is certainly the best on the net and you don't talk about all that shite on how you will die if you "sniff a white line every day or two" 'nuf said, cheers mate. =-)

Ariana Medina


In Holland, you actually CAN say 'fuck' on national TV, but whenever you admit to taking drugs other than cannabis, you're still treated like a criminal. Just wanted to say that whatever I choose to do within the borders of my own body and mind without damaging another person is none of any politicians business. Keep up the good work spreading around the right info. Freedom of choice is not possible without it. Especially like the funny, and true, comments about how your friends see you when you're on drugs.

Thanks for being so honest!! It's hard to find these things out with paranoid parents and friends. It all seems very cheap in the UK compared to Australia!! Thanks again!!

Hi I live in Cleveland, Ohio in the states. I was reading your drug page and found it to be the most honest, straight-forward page about drugs I have ever seen. I also enjoyed beating the spice girls :) Anyways excellent page and keep up the good work...whether it be in the U.K. or U.S.
Braxton Shiplett


wicked stuff...just what u need to know

All I can say is... thank you. Great work. I'm happy to have stumbled upon your page. It's refreshing to get the truth without all the bullshit. Have you considered adding some most frequently pondered Q&A? You know or some basic averages? Statistics n such? I guess that's it! Thumbs Up!

My uses are mostly amphetamines, coffee and diet coke... cigarettes and I support anyone who uses any kind of drug simply because life itself sucks... Never had anything illegal and i wish everything should be sold at supermarkets... We all got addictions, so why bother with what one do in one's existence? In Rio, we see all crack kids being shot and i wonder: if they chose to die by crack why they shoot them first? FREEDOM OF EVERYTHING... including choice...

Genuine+informative. Out of interest, does anyone know the score on weekly cocaine use and bronchial problems, particularly with reference to aggravating asthma? I'm worrying a little about my health. Keep up with the truth.
Cheers Jay See

It's a great page. Not many people really want to give the facts about drugs. However, if you don't want to dehydrate, don't drink soft drinks or anything with carbonation....water and juces are the best for combating dehydration. If you drink soft drinks, even fruit-flavored ones, you will still get dehydrated.

Congratulations on giving users the straight info, without preaching. I learned nothing new here (apart from the poppers/glaucoma thing - anyone confirmed the MDMA/glaucoma rumor?) but there's still way too many kids getting into this with no idea what they're taking. Knowledge is safety. Still, this is the sort of stuff I expect from my homeland. I live in the USA now, where you can't say "fuck" on standard TV but you can get a gun in 5 days.
Simon (yes, really)

Yes, I have to agree, you are telling it like it is, but some kids will just look at the "fun" part of having a trip, and will not look at the side effects and dangers.
Kathryn F


Your entire cyberRAG is the BOMB! OUT-FUCKING-STANDING! All are to be commended on their efforts! That drug page needs to get out to the users. It's dosn't read like the bullshit from the govt. health centres.
Jim in S. California

Anyone got any info about diabetics and drugs? Boring stuff I know, but it's not too easy to ask doctors as they just fill you full of bullshit so if there are any iddm ravers who like their pills could you mail me?
peace fraser

Just some helpful hints for E users:
Bananas!! they contain potassium, carbohydrates and L-Tryptophan, the precursor for the drug (5-HT) that gets used up when pilling. Eating them Before and after helps prevent nasty mid week comedowns that are assosiated with 5-HT depletion.
FromChris e-mail -withheld- (due to paranoia) :)

Mike, Just checked out the "Drugs" pages for the first time and I must say that they must be the best on the net: just telling it like it is, with a bit of humour. Not into arse lickin, but keep it up: good work fella!
Nigel Byrnes,


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Special note:
This site is all about harm reduction. We realise that some people will take drugs no matter what advice they are given, so we have reproduced this guide for information purposes only. It is not medical advice. If you are being coerced into taking drugs, or are in any doubt about taking a substance, our advice is to always refuse.

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