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undercurrents undercurrents

Urban75 have long been fans of the excellent work produced by independent film makers, Undercurrents. Here's their latest press release (Dec 20 1999):

Undercurrents 2000 - Many of you have been asking what is happening with Undercurrents so here it is!

We have decided to stop producing undercurrents the alternative news video. Produced since 1994, each news video was effective as a tool for social change but also very expensive to produce, £15-£20,000 for each edition. We never managed to recoup even all the basic costs so we constantly fell into debt.

Our plan now is to concentrate on building up wider distribution networks. All ten videos will be available for at least a year but back copies are running out fast so if you want the news you didn't see on the news for the last six years, get your order in or email or phone 01865 203662 for a free video catalogue.


What are we planning for 2000?
Undercurrents Global Views- a series of programmes on direct action protest from around the world. We will be seeking video footage from video activists reporting issues ignored by mainstream media. Undercurrents Global views is aimed at building worldwide solidarity against globalisation which has a strangle hold on our planets resources and communication systems. Distribution will be via communal festival screenings, community Tv and internet.

Undercurrents internet WebTv- Our office is currently undergoing major renovations thanx to the ethical property company. With our new ISDN lines we will set up video streaming for news of protests as soon as they happen. It is pioneer days, but within the next few years we will be ready to utilise it to maximum effectiveness to bring positive change. We also have plans for setting up an internet training 'village hall' for activists.


Undercurrents DIY videos- We are planning a series of Do-it-yourself videos on subject such as-
  • -How to set up communal supportive living spaces
  • -How to grow and distribute organic food
  • -How to set up and use sustainable technology
  • -How to be a video activist
  • -How to educate your own children at home
and many more...

Undercurrents alternative news resource guides- written by a qualified media educator the guides will aim to educate the valuable role of present and past alternative media. We aim to shake media students and teachers awake by opening them up to the vibrant media which bypasses the corporate machine. Watch this space or for more news of the guides contact Helen Iles on

Undercurrents video activist training- Our sister organisation, Undercurrents charity foundation, runs video training for campaigners. We are concentrating on supporting resource centres setting up their own video edit suites with trained co-ordinators. We have just set up our first office in Swansea environment centre, Wales. If you want any info about training contact -


We have loads of other plans but these are the most likely to get going in 2000. Much depends on funding and we are frantically trying to get the cash in to carry out this work, so any possible funders out there please get in touch.

We also need volunteers from March 2000 to help us log and database over 1700 hours of protest video, producing and distributing the various videos, designing posters, booklets etc so get in touch.

Undercurrents will be closed from December 22 to January 18th for the renovations so our mailing list will be taking a rest. See you all on the streets and woods in the 21st century for making positve changes!

undercurrents 16b cherwell st oxford ox4 1bg Britain Tel +44 (0)1865 203662, email Special Boxed set of all TEN undercurrents videos out now!

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