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SchNEWS: vintage urban75 designed book cover!

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urban75 top recommended read!

We here at urban75 have long been supporters of Brighton's 'Justice' crew, who produce the weekly essentail read, SchNEWS

Every year they produce the essential SchNEWS Yearbook, so if you want to get the real lowdown of what's happening, buy these books!


Genetic crop sites get a good kicking; streets reclaimed all over the world; docks occupied in protest at death at work; protestors trying to put a spanner in the works over multinational plans for world domination... Justice? in Brighton, who produce SchNEWS, the UK's weekly direct action newsletter, publish their fourth book on Wednesday 19th May, 1999.

The fourth book comprises issues 151-200 plus photos, cartoons and other articles to help you to party, protest and survive into the new millenium.

Also included is a comprehensive database of over 500 grass-roots organisations.

1. 'THE SCHNEWS SURVIVAL GUIDE' Survival Guide (Issues 151-200) £6.00
2. SchNEWS Annual (Issues 101-150) £5.00 3. SchNEWS Round (Issues 51-100) £4.00
4. SchNEWS Reader (Issues 1-50) Sorry, Sold out!!!

Write to Justice?, PO Box 2600, Brighton BN2 2DX, enclosing a cheque made payable to 'Justice?', and a self-addressed envelope with stamps for 93p to cover postage.

OFFER: Get all three books for just £14 including postage

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING: SchNEWS is the free weekly direct action news-sheet that gives you the news the mainstream media ignores.

Run on a shoestring budget by volunteers for the past four and a half years, worldwide readership is estimated at around 25,000 a week.

Keep SchNEWS free! Just send 1st class stamps (eg. 20 for the next 20 issues) or donations payable to Justice?. A year's subs costs us just over £15, including postage. Ask for 'originals' if you can make copies and help de-centralise! Postage is free to prisoners.

SchNEWS, PO Box 2600, Brighton, BN2 2DX, England Phone/Fax (call before faxing): 01273 685913 Email: Web: SchNEWS/

'If you go on one demonstration and then go home, that's something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can't live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organisations that keep expressing their opposition, people that keep learning and progressing'.

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