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(from Indymedia 7th December 2000)

With the anniversary of the Seattle WTO Ministerial protests just a scant year ago, Independent Media Centers have put together a collection of essays, photographs, videos, and audio from the most tremendous year of activism in decades.


1. Do Not Forget Ideas are Also Weapons, by SUBCOMANDANTE MARCOS

2. Critique of globalization from a living systems point of view --

3. A chilling summary of increased state activity to neutralize
   anti-corporate-globalization activism.  "Keeping an eye on
   protesters International authorities are sharing information
   -- not all of it accurate -- about anti-globalization activists."

4. From Melbourne to Prague: The struggle for a deglobalized world
   by: Walden Bello

5. Capitalism and communism look equally bad in Prague,
   by Naomi Klein


6. "What's wrong with 'free' trade?; the GATS and Electronic
   Commerce -- by Sid Shniad -- Telecommunications is now seen as
   the modern trade route. Deregulated e-commerce has the potential
   to increase corporate power. Trade agreements make it difficult
   for citizens to exercise democratic control.

7. What's New at - lists a number of different
   wto-related stories with links to stories off site.

8. 'Become the Media', by Alex Kelly and Jason Gibson - a piece by
   australian journalists, looking at melbourne activism and the
   indymedia site.

9. The Body As a Weapon for Civil Disobedience,
   by Jesús Ramírez Cuevas

10. The African grassroots and the global movement, By Patrick Bond


11. Reclaiming the Cities, By Cindy Milstein

12. Did We Fail as a Movement? by Chis Crews

13. GUATEMALA: Manifestacion en apoyo a los Medios de Comunicacion

14. Articles about Indymedia: quite a lot has been written
    in the corporate press about various IMC's over the last
    year. We've compiled a short list of some of the articles.
15. IMC-UK covered MayDay 2000, placing Public Terminal in the
    middle of action, allowing participants to report for themselves
    via two bycycle powered laptops conected to the web

16. The Zapatistas are preparing to break their long silence according to
    today's press release. A major press conference is planned for Saturday
    to respond to the new Fox PAN government



Live streaming of N30 audio from:

1. The Streets of Seattle: Looking Back at N30
   A 30 minute sound collage that vividly documents the events
   of a year ago produced by Seattle IMC and Bruderhof Radio.

2. Noam Chosky on Colombia and Israel in an interview with
   Radio IMC - NYC

3. Audio witness of gas and grenades by Ted Lockery Dec 2 '99
   While reporting on non-violent protesters of the WTO linking
   arms to repel would-be looters, a reporter is caught in a barrage
   of tear gas and percussion grenades.

4. Interview with Michael Moore (WTO chief) by Randy Nov 29 '99
   An IMC exclusive! Get the scoop on what ol' Mike really thinks.
   (realaudio) (parody)

5. Cell Phone Interview with Arrestees by Asha Confer Dec 1 '99
   Conversation with Arrestees at Sandpoint waiting  to be processed.


6. NGO rep Victor Manotti assaulted by police by Peter Myhre Dec 2 '99
   Interview of Manotti while revealing details of ministerial was
   interupted by police assult.

7. Taking Power by gretchen king, Nov 28 '99
   David Reid worked as a Mobil Equipment Operator for 20 years at
   Kaiser Aluminum in Spokane, WA. Since 1998, Reid and his fellow
   workers at Local 329 have been locked out. In early November,
   I spoke with Reid about his experiences at the Ruckus Society's
   Action Camp, with the Art and Revolution Roadshow, and his
   union's upcoming trek from Spokane to Seattle for the World Trade
   Organization Ministerial.
   (35 mins, mp3 @ 8.9 megs)

8. Anti-WTO Christmas Carol by Kari Lerum, Dec 3 '99
   Merry Anti-Corporate carolers sing a rousing, new version of the
   "12 days of Christmas" in the streets of Seattle.

9. December 2nd rally interview: A framer from Grenada with the
   International Farmer's Movement by Gretchen King Dec 2nd '99
   Recorded at a family farmer's rally in Victor Steinbreuck
   Park, Seattle.

10. Diversity of Voices by gretchen king, Dec 13 '99
    On Tuesday, November 30, I spoke with many groups and
    individuals who came out despite the weather and the police
    presence to voice their concerns about the WTO and to keep the
    delegates from entering the conference. Pieces range from 1 to
    5 minutes in length.
    Butterfly on Stilts
    "Now we have a cause..."
    "This protest is right on!"
    "This is a world war!"



Seattle - N30 -
  Tuseday Night Teargas

  Overhead at 4th and Pike Seattle 3:30pm Nov 30th 1999

  Democracy Vs the WTO

Boston - BioDevastion 2000 -
  BioHazard Marchers - March 23rd

  Vandana Shiva's Keynote - March 23rd

Washington DC - A16 -
  Puppet Maker At Work

  Rally At The Eclipse


  The Independent Media Center in Action

  Cops Pepper Spraying the crowd

  Peace Sign and Riot Cops

  A Good Day for Democracy, Arthur Foelsche

Philladelphia, Republican Convention -
  Welcome to the GOP
  Anti-Poverty March

  Billionairs for Bush or Gore

  AIDS Drugs For Africa Banner

  Cops arrest one of hundreds

  A Clown Which Escaped Police Raids


Los Angeles, Democratic Convention -
  American Corporate Flag
  "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" Arrested
  US / Mexico Border Deaths Memorial
  Protestor Shot After Rage Concert
  Cops Shut Down IMC for 'Bomb Threat'


Melbourne, World Economic Forum, S11 -
  Protesters Surround Cop
  Delegates Feried By Police Boat To WEF

Prague - S26 -
  Kicked in the face, Devin Asch

  Concussion Grenades in the Valley, Bryan Atinsky

  Protesters celebrate on Karlov Most, Cayce Callaway

  Occupation of the Czech Embassy in Bern, Schmid Urs

  Protestors breach complex balcony this afternoon, vc1

  Police barricade, morag tinto



1. The video trailer from the forth coming documetary of the World
   Bank protests in Prague, September 2000.

2. Crashing the Party: video trailer from the new documentary from
   the Democratic National Convention protests this summer.

3. Police Riot in the Subway: footage from the Democratic Convention
   read the comentary (warning- this is a big file, it takes
   some time to load)

4. Breaking The Bank: The IMC documentary about the A16 protests
   in Washington DC against the IMF and World Bank.
5. Showdown In Seattle: 5 Days That Shook The WTO
   Day 3:  (modem users)
  (80 kbps)
 (200 kbps)


About Indymedia and the Independent Media Centers

Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.

You can find out more about getting involved at the following websites - -
Although each IMC has it's own mission statement, many are modeled after the Seattle IMC. As of yet there is no overarching mission statement for all IMC's or the indymedia network.

The Seattle Independent Media Center Mission:

The Independent Media Center is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice. It is our goal to further the self-determination of people under-represented in media production and content, and to illuminate and analyse local and global issues that impact ecosystems, communities and individuals. We seek to generate alternatives to the biases inherent in the corporate media controlled by profit, and to identify and create positive models for a sustainable and equitable society.

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